Monday, July 23, 2012

Spot the sartorial "wrong"

Something is not right with this picture. See for yourself.

In case you are wondering, that's me, and if I look err big or preggy, well that's because I am! Yes darlings, am pregnant with my second baby!! Yeayy!! That's the news I wanted to share with all of you, and I kinda' alluded to it in one of my previous posts. Oh, wow, it feels good to share this with you.
I have been sooo busy this pregnancy --obviously coz' I have a toddler running around, and I hardly get anytime to myself. Therefore, I have to blog around midnight or wee hours of night and then what I do is I write 2-3 posts and schedule them. Otherwise, I would never come around to doing what I love!
I enjoy being a mom, and its so rewarding. And, like any full time job, this role is also draining, tiring and frustrating. Such as when my son doesn't want to finish his meal, and I am sitting there trying to make him eat while I still haven't had any lunch myself. Grrr, I get so annoyed and being hungry (and pregnant) doesn't help.

Oh, look at me, ranting away to glory, when all I wanted to do was talk about what's not right with the picture above. Shall we get back to that? I promise to share more of my personal stories later :)

When I said whats not right with the picture, I was actually pointing towards my sartorial choices. So here are a few things I noticed:

  • The ill fitting upper half of the dress (I had to pin and have my friends pin the neckline of the dress like a gazillions times, and I almost broke the pin in half...aaaand, my friend ended up poking her finger with the twisted pin..ouch!)
  • The droopy shoulders make my arms look fatter then they really are, and in pregnancy, who needs that!
  • The pleated pockets give such a paunchy look, and you totally want to avoid that if you already have a growing paunch...errr, belly :)
I am sure you agree with me. 

So, agitated with such fashion faux pas (how could I??), I got inspired to create a couple of potential outfits that I should have worn instead. Below they are. 

Tell me what do you think?

Love ya!


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