Friday, July 27, 2012

Shoe Maniac: Help!

Recently, I have been ogling at shoes. No, really, I have. Is that normal? I mean I pass by a shoe store, and I just stand in front of it, while my son becomes really uncomfortable sitting in a non-moving stroller, but I just keep staring at the different types of shoes: mary janes, sandals, pumps, pointy toes, strappy heels, la la...I am in a different world darlings! Is that normal? Or are my pregnancy hormones doing another trick on me (already they are causing so much raucus in my body :)). I spoke to my husband about it, and he thinks I am over reacting to my fascination. What do you think?

Giving into this addiction, I scoured the net for pairs that have been tugging at my heart strings everytime I look at them. Can/Should/Would I buy any of them right now? Well, maybe in a few months ( I promise I will share my haul with you), but since I can't enjoy them right now, what with swollen feet that look like baby elephants, I will continue to just ogle. Hope, that's normal! :)

FLATS: I think flats have seen a beautiful evolution in the past 5-6 years. No more boring ballet entrapments for your feet. The variety is huge and they come in gorgeous colors, textures and shapes. Days when the balls of your feet can't drag themselves in 5 inches heels, give them some TLC and enjoy in fun flats. Yes, they make em' formal too so you can dress em' up!

1.Kenneth Cole REACTION Slip Me One Ballet Flat       2.Stuart Weitzman Tulipbow Flat                                                 3.Poetic Licence Love Forever Sandal         4.  Joseph Griffin Madiera Flat Sandal

1. Kenneth Cole     2. Stuart Weitzman    3. Poetic License     4. Joseph Griffin

PUMPS: I, honestly, lived in pumps prior to being pregnant with my older son. I just loved having them on my feet. I think pumps are so sexy and provide the perfect dose of confidence. They always end up being the stylish component of any outfit. Oh my God, there are tons and tons of choices and it was really hard to just choose four. 

1. Badgley Mischka Lacie Pump                    2. Joan & David Collection Finella Pump

3. Nine West Nodrama Pump                     4.Ruthie Davis Beverly Hills Pump

1. Badgley Mischka    2. Joan $ David    3. Nine West     4. Ruthis Davis **swooon**

WEDGES: Wedges come in different forms as well {t-straps, sling backs, espadrilles}, and because they are wider heels, if you will, they are super comfortable. So, you are essentially killing two birds with one stone: comfort and style! I enjoy wedges, although I have to admit, I don't own too many pairs of em'. But, they are fun, I tell ya!

1.Boutique 9 Linya Wedge Sandal                      2. Charles David Pixel Wedge Sandal

3.Circa Joan & David Bechira Sandal                      4.Fahrenheit Ivanka-01 Wedge Sandal

1. Boutique9    2. Charles David    3. Circa by Joan and David    4. Fahrenheit

Do you have any favorite? Oh, please share your picks...and enlighten us!

Have a wonderful weekend darlings!


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