Thursday, July 5, 2012

In the mood for Men Fashion via TheSartorialist

I have mentioned in my past posts, and you very well know it too, I find Men's fashion very refreshing and challenging. Apart from just fabulous gowns and dresses, and I am also on the lookout for cool and unique men's clothes because they exhibit a different set of textures, combinations and rules of dressing up. Sometimes my search is going through and perusing the Men fashion shows, sometimes its going to MrPorter or StylePilot and creating outfits or sometimes its simply perusing the pages of my favorite street-style go to site, The Sartorialist.

Here is what caught my eye - spiffy men in dandy clothes. My husband may not be a willing candidate to try out some of these styles, but I can always use them as inspiration for whenever the opportunity arises! :)

Printed pants with a slim cut coat, makes the outfit look rather formal...what say?

Whoa urban cowboy...slow down there! The flared pants and denim shirt is a hit!

Honestly, there is nothing to write home about the above outfit, but still something screams cool. Maybe its the fitted jeans with rolled up cuffs or perhaps the inside out t-shirt paired with a fedora.

How do you do it Mr? The ease with which you pair an orange coat with sneakers and look dashing, is beyond my intelligence.

Preppy without the tags.

Don't you just love it when you discover so much style and chic-ness out there! I have always felt that when you dress up true to your style, you exude a confidence that cannot be tamed. It just brings out the best in you. I love love love fashion!!


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