Monday, July 9, 2012


I actually had no idea there was a brand called Devi Kroell. Seriously. The way I was introduced to this gorgeous luxurious company was while perusing one of the fashion magazines, and coming across their advertisement. I fell in love with the bag and shoes in the ad and I had to do my research to find out more about the company. Plus, I was intrigued by the name Devi, since its a Hindi/Sanskrit word which means "Goddess."

Devi Kroell is an Austria born, NY based fashion designer, who started her namesake company in 2004. The punchline of her products then was just handbags, in luxe skin/leather as well as wood. Yes, luxurious unique wooden handbags! She won accolades and industry awards, like the CFDA Swarovski Perry Ellis  Award for Accessory Design, for her "exotic" handbags, and soon thereafter, ie, 2009, launched shoes and ready-to-wear as well. However, majority of the brand and the company Devi Kroell, was bought by investor Ralph Bartel, who also has stake in Lanvin. And, as of May 2010, Devi Kroell stepped down as the CEO of the company. Ah! What a shame to lose the founder of the company. But, looking at Spring Summer 2012, it seems Devi Kroell is doing a decent job of living upto its name.

Here's a peek at the collection, which I am in absolute love with. Each piece is so well structured - embellished with rich and unique skin and clean hardware.

Model: Eniko Mihalik (gorgeous)
Styling by: Elisa Santisi
Photographer: Danko Steiner

Love the whole Japanese minimalism echoing from the ad. This allows for the products to make for a greater impact.

Which designer would you like to see next? Do let me know!


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