Saturday, June 9, 2012

On my mind

This post will not be about fashion, but rather something that has been  on my mind. Oh, just in case you were wondering where the hell I have been...well, I am around, but super busy in my "motherly" life. I get tired and then I just keep postponing updating the blog. I know it is not fair, but my lethargic limbs and droopy eyes win every time.

Anyhow, shall I continue whats on my mind? Ok, so I recently came across an incident where the most common racial slur was used "Go back to your country" by an "American" man. So, where I live, its truly a global melting hub....its a community of office going couples/singles. Basically, its a corporate world working class hub, and therefore, there are tons of Indians, Chinese, Russian people. This Mr. American decides to rent in this community and then has the nerve to use the statement above. What's wrong with his brain? I say, everything.

Let me get right to the thing in my brain now. This country was founded by immigrants, and all through the years, people have been settling here from all parts of the world. Yes, Europeans came in more, with their light skin and were pretty much the first ones to settle down here. Followed by people from Japan, Korea, China, etc. Then the 60's saw the immigrants from South East Asia, ie, India, Pakistan, etc. If someone is born here but happens to not look "white" aka European, then he/she is asked to "go back to your country," their response should be (with the sweetest smile possible), "you too dear, you too."

Couple of things that bother me with Mr. American, who happens to live in my building. Firstly, he lives in the most culturally and ethnically diverse community possible. Secondly, he falsely believes he runs the economy. I am not asking that we, of color that is, should stoop to his level, but we should have the guts to put him back in his immigrant shoes as well.

You may or may not agree with my rant, but here it is anyways.

And, all this venting is now making me crave fashion, which by the way does not limit itself to skin color or country and can be embraced universally. Bring on some Preen, Marc Jacobs, Anna Sui, Prabal Gurung, et al.


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