Friday, June 29, 2012

The Logo/Initials Game

Honestly, I am not a huge fan of branded logos, especially if they are flaunted on bags (oversize logo bags give me headache), shoes, wallets or attache. If I have to splurge on a name brand, I prefer to pick a product that has the company's stamp on it albeit a more subtle one, for instance, the hardware or the soft leather or unique shape that the brand is known for. Case in point, my new wallet below (it really was a steal, thanks to Memorial Day sale at Woodbury Commons :)). Can you guess which brand it is? If you do correctly, I will send you a nice "good job" gift....seriously, I will!

One company I adore for its set of goods is Bottega Veneta. They have absolutely no logo or initials on their products, and are known simply by their signature woven leather. Recently, umm, actually in April this year, they launched a fun quirky project called the BV Initials Project "Where Your Own Initials Are Enough" that allows customers in US, UK and Japan (for now) to add their own initials on BV's products. I think for a company that has stayed away from logos, while some brands have gone for the the overkill, this is a cute little endeavor to allow the customers to personalize their bags, wallets, etc in their own special way...where their initials are the brand's logo!

L-R: Fashion Bloggers Carries, Costas and Shini with their personalized BVs

What do you think?

If you have an urge to splurge, why not do it with your own initials instead!



ps. I will let you know the brand of my wallet in the next post...until then, keep guessing!!

{photos courtesy of the creative Yatzer team}

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