Thursday, May 10, 2012

Lookee what I bought

I fell in love with them when my eyes rolled over these beauties. They are fun, flirty and sooo fashy (that's my slang for fashionable - ok, sue me, but it works!).
I am pretty pretty sure you would agree with me, darlings, on how cute they are! Collective awwwws and ooohs here please :)

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Shoes: Soda. More info.

See, what I mean? The color is pretty versatile and the flower pop, which although is big, passes off as just the right add on. Perfect to wear with summer dresses, capri, cropped jeans and shorts. Hey, that's like everything! And, yes, I shot these flats on my work desk - I was running short on time and thought the light wood would be the perfect background for my shoes to stand out. It worked, didn't it? :) But my mom would be so mad if she saw this photo - she hates putting shoes on any sacred work area. Sorry mom!


Thursday, May 3, 2012

Daily Inspiration via

Whats not to love about this simple classy outfit? How about a sexy loose boyrfriend white shirt - tucked in strategically mixed with cuffed up peachy pink pajama pants with zipper detail and color blocked sandals. Perrrrfect!