Thursday, March 15, 2012


I think I am going to start a new project. For myself. And, this time around I will also try to include my own personal style (er, I mean clothes). Soooo, what's the project all about? I will tell you in just a moment, but you guys have to know how it came about. I was randomly recapping my day as I lay in bed last night - things I shoulda' coulda've done differently and things I shouldn't have done, and then this thought just popped out of nowhere. It was like sham wow! And, I knew it was something that would allow me to be a bit more personal with my blog and style. There, that's the short of it.

THE PROJECT: Each day I will pick a word that best describes my mood or the situation or the general feel of the day and then pick an outfit that goes with it. Since its my take on the word, you may or may not agree with the choice of clothes, but hey, that's where the fun part is. If you have something in mind, then just share it with me (via your own blog or email). Let's make it interactive and unique.

So, today's word is SOMBER. Everything felt rather blah today, and nothing popped. Even the weather was dark and cold with little sunshine. Because, life juice was missing, I was down and out on energy and actually kept yawning the whole day! Yikes. Yeah, somber serenaded on my  mind almost throughout the day. Here's my somber inspired outfit:)

The project

 That's it. Have a great weekend, but I will see you tomorrow with a new word.

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