Saturday, February 11, 2012

Wise Words from STYLE PILOT

Oh, I am so excited to announce this. Eeeeks! Yikes! Boinngg!! Where do I even begin? Ahem, let's start again. [NOTE TO SELF: stop these dramatic overtures, lady!]

I am incredibly honored to have the amazing team at STYLE PILOT do a guest post for my lil' {read awesome, entertaining} blog here. Robert from STYLE PILOT contacted me a month ago, and suggested that we partner in putting together an interesting article for Men's fashion. I am sure, he read about my fascination for Men's fashion here.

But, you may be wondering what is STYLE PILOT. It is, as their website says, a personal style engine for men. The key word here is engine. Nothing more manly than that, right? The awesome STYLE PILOT team has put together a compartment train universe of trends + recommendations + shopping all in their powerful site. And, what it basically does is allow men to understand their body type, fashion/style taste through a program on their site,  and then provide possible suggestions on the clothes that will do them complete justice. Heck, it's like having a very own personal personal stylist, but without the fee! Great stuff here, great stuff people.

Please take a moment to peruse the website, and pass on this treasure trove to your husband/boyfriend/guy friend/brother (opposite, if you are a male reader) and let them dazzle you with cool looks once they walk away being enlightened, learned souls from the world of fashion! Quite a wordy analogy there...but, you get the point darlings, right?

Now, on to the guest post.


Top Men’s fashion tips to remember

What are the top fashion tips available to men to maintain a fashionable look?

Make an effort

Whilst saying make an effort, it’s got to be said that it really doesn’t take a great deal of it, or time to present yourself as well dressed and stylish for every waking hour.  Being well dressed isn’t about wearing a suit all the time, but rather dressing in a way which captures your mood and personality perfectly.  The biggest and most valuable fashion tip available to anyone is to know what your strengths are and dress to make them even better.

Although magazines, the internet and a trip to the shops will arm you with everything you need to know the direction of current fashion trends it is important you customise your look so it’s unique to you.  Maintaining a sharp look is important however you don’t ever want to look like you’ve been dressed like an in store mannequin.

Dress to kill

Ensuring you’re fitting in is important and can be even more crucial a factor if you’re meeting new people.  Being fully aware of a dress code before beginning to build an outfit can help you put together a truly killer look, while minimising the likelihood of you suffering any embarrassing moments later on.  What worse than turning up at an event and not being allowed in?

While you’ll obviously want to fit in and look like you’re a fashion genius and bang on trend, fashion gives you creative licence and it would be wrong to curtail that now.  Building a look is great however you need to present yourself with a difference.  It will be easily spotted if you’ve lifted your look from the pages of a glossy magazine.

Playing safe

Staples of every man’s wardrobe should be some reliable safe items that a man knows he can put on and wear without fear on any occasion.  Jeans, dark shoes and a classic fitted shirt are all great examples of items in a man’s wardrobe which can be turned to in an emergency.  This doesn’t mean the rest of the wardrobe should be neglected in favour of these, however a fall back option is always a sensible idea.

Get expert help

Keeping ahead of men’s fashion trends is easier than normal if you decide to seek the help of an outfit builder.  As well as offering examples of stylish clothes suited to you, there is reams of advice available so fashion conscious men everywhere can maintain their look and keep it evolving, original and fresh.


This is really good information. Honestly, how many times have you seen a man ask for suggestions on dressing up? Hardly, right. But, things are changing. There is a recent surge in Men's fashion/styling,  and sites like STYLE PILOT are taking the lead in the right direction and creating a lucrative market niche. And if you are smart darling, you would absorb these tips, and run with it. Its concise and very potent. 

Again, thank you STYLE PILOT for your guest post, and the opportunity to partner with my humble blog.



  1. thank you for your email Shhivika :). This post is great, it gave me some ideas of what to get my bf for Valentine`s Day.xx

    1. You are welcome...and, I am glad that the article helped! Hope you have a fabulous Valentine's!


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