Friday, February 10, 2012

What can $5K get you?

Sometimes, just a bottle of nail polish!!

Ya, I just found out about a $5K bottle of polish. You read that right. I am not making it up. And no, I am not that tired after a busy day running after my me darlings, I still have sane neurons firing in my brain. But, they are firing away rather furiously at the thought of a 24K gold infused nail polish by Red Carpet retailing for $5K (coz' over 10 oz of gold dust was injected in the nail paint).

I am all for unique styling and killer trends that set you apart - but if you, yes you millionaire billionaire (who talks millions these days, right?), have extra $$ lying around, please donate to charity for: a) children b) habitation c) environment d) animals because $5K can really make a huge difference as a charitable donation.

Nope, I am not preaching. Just suggesting. Its very easy to do. I sponsor a child (via World Vision) in India and donate on a monthly basis. Nope, I am not tooting my bad ass horn. Just telling ya' lovely folks.

Anywho...Enjoy the weekend!


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