Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Trying to break the wall

I have been thinking...thinking hard. About how to make this blog better so it inspires and entertains - in its own unique way. In a way that better defines this blog, its contents and theme. But, it seems like I have been hitting a blog wall or something, and no matter how many times I hit my head on the proverbial wall, I just can't seem to get to the idea that will make me go aha! I mean I understand, I can share my fashion choices/picks with you - but then there are so many other blogs which are already doing that, and maybe in a better way - so my question to myself is - how can I deliver my message to YOU in a fresh and exciting way.

I really am thinking - and hopefully I can break down the walls and get to my aha-idea.

Until then, please enjoy (with me) the beautiful artwork, out of books, by Canadian artist Guy Laramee. Just look at them - such amazing landscapes falling off the pages of old books. You can read more about Guy's philosophy here.

Maybe I will use these landscapes to stir some inspiration in my head. Who knows, right?


pics courtesy Yatzer

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