Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Soaking in the Solar Powie - like Anthropologie! {sorry, bit the rhyming bullet}

I don't have much to say today (because my brain is blocked clogged with just too many things, its hard getting anything out. I could take Metamucil, but darlings that's not for the brain..errr), so I thought I would go directly to what I have to share...Anthropologie Spring Lookbook. Lovely dresses and the sun looks really really appealing right now.

Anthropologie January Catalog
I need that wind in my hair. Oh, and love the cable knit mix with polka dots. Deeelight!

Ah, the prints, sand, pale pink, sand and sun...ah. Everything is very effortless classy here....love!

Anthropologie January Catalog
Does anyone see her green grass....on the skirt I mean? 

Anthropologie January Catalog
I don't care..mix prints- I mean feathers and stripes...genius!

Anthropologie January Catalog
"See ya, off to soaking more sun in these bad ass cool clothes"....that's what she said!



{Thank you Bird Cut for the images...you saved me coz most of the images were in flash!}

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