Monday, February 13, 2012

Shhh...don't tell anyone. I adore this house. Shhh.

I will let you in on something.

So, when I am driving through a nice suburban neighborhood or walking through a townhouse lane, I get very curious about how the house looks from the inside. In other words, I try to catch a glimpse of the living room through the open window or try to imagine how the kitchen looks by the valence hanging on the kitchen window. The whole "how people decorate their homes" is my version of voyeurism and I kinda' enjoy it.  Is it just me? Well, if it is then....oh well! :) Now you know a bit (more) about me.

Imagine my happiness, when I fell upon these lovely pictures of a Parisian home. This home is actually constructed in an old office building and is full of 18th Century masterpieces and contemporary masterpieces (eclectic combo, if you ask me). I imagine the couple to be very rich (duh! obviously) and very tasteful. I also see them hosting literary parties in their dining room and hiring an underground rock group as entertainment. The couple is also, perhaps, one of the Elite members of the Opera and donates heavily to them. Plus, they also have blue hair and wear big horn rimmed glasses. Ya, that's my imagination running wild. Is it just me? Well, if it is then....oh well!

How magnificent is the striped sofa. Love it! Somehow works beautifully with the gold trimmings on the wall. Who wold have thought!

A rotunda! in the house! Love the grisaille panels on the wall.

Double sinks - check. Chandelier check. Silk curtains -check. If it wasn't for the sinks, I would not have guessed this to be a bathroom. Seriously. Loving the checkered floor tiles.

The bedroom is a stark contrast against the tiled floors and colored walls through the house, but is equally enchanting. I think the placement of the chair and columns could be a bit of a hazard (especially if you sleep walk or have to go to the bathroom in the night) but, the feel is very calm and peaceful - precisely what a bedroom should be.

I can soak in that tub for hours. Aah!

Luxury luxury- everywhere! The credit for the decoration of this splendid house goes to Frédéric Méchiche, who is a well known interior designer mixing different eras like they are symbiotic organisms.

So you enjoyed it as well, right? No, not my comments, but the house. Gorgeous.

And, a Happy Monday everyone. Yes, Mondays are happy...if you believe, regardless of anything.


{photos courtesy ElleDecor}

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