Saturday, February 4, 2012

Inspiration from the Sidewalk and some narration for your enjoyment

There are some really good sites that give us a glimpse of what some really really fashionable people wear - on a normal day-to-day basis - on the street/sidewalk/water puddle/whathaveyou! And, everytime I look at them I just wonder, are these people even real. I mean foh-reaal. How can they strap on a harness and look like the next best thing to a model. And, why the hell are they looking like models when they are supposed to be "common folk". Gah gah! bash bash.
I think I shouldn't be complaining but rather appreciating the efforts that go into creating a distinct fashion look. Its hard I tell ya - coz' when I am trying to put an outfit together to go out for just a dinner, I feel like I am flying through a trapeze with no support in sight. Its that hard. So, yeah, totally commendable on these fashy (yup- just made up that word) people. And, I see inspirations....other than the fact that they look like models themselves. Gah gah!

Why I like the looks below, I will tell you. I will also take the liberty to create short(est) story/synopsis around them. Hope you like it. Or else...gah gah! :)

Cable knit - check. Pleats - check. Maryjanes with socks - check. Formal shirt - double check. Holding the right wrist with left hand -  check check checkity check []
Story/synopsis: Hi, my name is Ella. I am a financial analyst, but I work as a stockist in a boutique in Soho. My getaway from the budget and variance analysis. I am a bit of a loner inside but I try not to show it. Clothes are my escape and my friends. If it was up to me, I would bury myself in the entire rack on my left. Yeah, I love clothes that much. And, I only allow my hands to be exposed, apart from my face ofcourse. But, I love life. Bye!

I love how this gorgeous lady flaunts her fur and dares to go bold with her boots. All she needs is a toothpick on the side of her mouth and pretty much a sign that is flipping the bird (not the one on her shoulder or maybe!) to the world. []
Story/synopsis: Meet 0.12. Yes, that's her name. She is a spy-sorta'. The double agent caught her leaking the information to the police. She is in trouble, and she doesn't know it yet. Perhaps that's why the confidence is still dripping from her eyes.

Monochromatic done right. Just add variety on textures instead. I love her belt, and with the grandma scarf, which would otherwise look really silly on everyone around her in the picture, looks just perfect on her. Love love the belt. Reminds me of the Valli one here. Oh, and don't let me get started on the shoes.[tommy ton for]
Story/synopsis: I enjoyed the trip to Bali. Was very refreshing for me because it gave me perspective. Gave me peace. If only I can get rid of my boyfriend who wants to carry my vanity bag and follow me to my gallery shows all the time. Why didn't I leave him behind in Bali? Why can't I carry my own vanity and ask him to leave? Arrggh! Oh! calm down and count till 5. Easy. There are photographers around...and remember, I just got back from Bali. Peaceeee.

This is what I like to call a simple yet totally effective outfit. Such a clever use of accessories. Especially that veil+visor combo. Do they really make such a thing? Now I know. [tommy ton for]
Story/synopsis: I need to ace today's  exam or my dad wouldn't let me join his firm. Its that simple. I wish I could have studied hard for this operations management class. I need to make my dad proud. I just need to prove to him that I am worthy of his attention and respect. Darn the twister game with Matt last night .

So what if MJ is gone, his style inspiration is clearly alive. I am actually interested in the beige sweater underneath the white shirt. Is that even legit? I know the chain harness is. Lovely concoction here...just curious to know what the front looks like. Maybe there is a bustier with the walloppy chain?  [tommy ton for]
Story/Synopsis: Rita, I told you to book me a bicycle. I am standing here, with the police searching Linda's apartment and media going bonkers, and I don't have my bicycle. Its urgent. I need to find out where Linda hid her book. The book has all the answers and I need to get to it before Sergeant Jordan does........No, right now....Now, Rita, now!


There tons more sidewalk/street style/water puddle style that I would like to share with you lovely folks, just that I am running out of time (thankfully, not space). So, I promise to bring you another installment of this series soon.

Let me know what you think, because it means a lot to me!


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