Saturday, February 11, 2012

First ever DIY post here

You are going to love this DIY for your iPhone!! Its a simple one step process, and the ending result gives your hand immediate freedom so that you can a) feed your baby while he gets distracted with his fav Elmo music vidoes or b) watch a movie while you enjoy a glass of coke/wine/scotch. I mean who can forget the tiresome hands holding the iPhone because you did not spend $25 on a silly iPhone stand or something!

So, here is the DIY.

Step 1. You will need a toy with ears, so preferably we are talking about an animal toy here, like, a dog, a bear, or a horse.
Step 2. Sit back and enjoy the iPhone while you do one of the chores listed above

Here is what the DIY will look like...


I told ya - its going to be a one step process!
Share with your friends and family and be the star of their eyes. Trust me, no one will give you the weird look, instead they will kiss the hands that made their hands free. Go ahead. And no, no one will be chuckling cackling laughing either. This is pure genius...tell them I said that! :)


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