Wednesday, February 29, 2012

So, what's the deal with the Leap Year?

Its February 29th. I know you must be going, Duh, we already know that. But, to that I say, what if you are born today, when will you celebrate your birthday next year? And, how do you calculate your age? I guess as a leap year baby, you don't age that quickly!

Enjoy the day, and because its a leap year, MccyD (aka McD) is giving away buy one get one free deal on its sandwiches TODAY. Hurry, don't wait!


ps. More fun-fashiony posts coming soon! Thanks for your love...and patience! Ciao!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Glamour Garbage Day!

Hope you lovely people had a lovely Valentine's with your spouse/parents/sibling/special someone! I had a good one too, thank you. Ok, the truth is my husband and I don't celebrate Valentine's Day, but we celebrate the day after. And, really, celebrate is probably not the right word. We actually just use this day as an excuse to indulge in some fine gastronomy excursions. If you know what I am saying! So,  along with our darling son, we went out on the 15th and ate yummy Italian food. That was our version of Valentine's Day or non-Valentine's Day - your call!

Moving on.

I have come to believe that it is ok to make mistakes. Doesn't matter if you are a celebrity, a political giant or a commoner. Mistakes are what makes the personality of the individual, and allow them to become better than who they are. Provided those mistakes don't hurt or cause pain (intentionally) to another. I mean there are times when "mistakes" can be used to conceal the real deal. Anywho, even seasoned fashion designers can make an "oopsie" sometimes. So, its ok, no big deal. Remember, when Ungaro signed up Lindsay Lohan for their collection? Shit happens, so what? The best thing to do is to keep moving forward than look back and stare at the poop.

When I saw this collection of Marc Jacobs (Fall 2012), I noticed the poop garbage and realized that Marc perhaps had one too many things on his plate, and somewhere something just pooped popped. I don't think its terrible, its just not at par with the style philosophy that the Marc Jacobs family of brands represents. But, hey, this is just my opinion, and I can be wrong. Or, mistaken. But, I am being honest. So there.

Tell me, what do you think?

Marc Jacobs Fall 2012 Ready-to-Wear Marc Jacobs Fall 2012 Ready-to-Wear

Marc Jacobs Fall 2012 Ready-to-Wear Marc Jacobs Fall 2012 Ready-to-Wear

Marc Jacobs Fall 2012 Ready-to-Wear Marc Jacobs Fall 2012 Ready-to-Wear

I am all for creativity - I really am. But, the styling leaves me a bit flummoxed. The gianormous mad hatters are a bit too much for my taste and so is all that heavy layering (wow, it must be get really hot wearing all that). The skirts are purposefully left to be a bit wide and loose. Too much texture on texture.

But, there are some positive takeaways - the prints, and the wide buckle shoes (love!).


{photos courtesy}

Monday, February 13, 2012


Leather is going to (again) play a big role in Fall Fashion this year. When I saw collections presented at NY Fashion week, I noticed the resurgence or rather continuity of the use of leather in clothes. Me like. Me like.
The trick is to not to overdo the leather part or you could end up looking like a member of the mafia/underworld - with a baggy long leather jacket,  ill fitting pants, hat and perhaps a shotgun in hands. Oh no no no!  So, be gentle on the reptile.

Also, another key thing to keep in mind about leather is the texture/sheen of it. If you have, say, a croc leather jacket, then you surely don't want to pair it with a leopard dress because then both pieces will scream for the attention. Plus, make sure the croc jacket is a nice fitting one, hitting right at your waist. Any longer or wider, and you could look like the reptile itself. A shiny pleather typa' texture is good/ok/acceptable when used as a highlight/accent in an outfit - for example, in a collar or sleeves. Nothing more. And if you do want to wear that leather skirt or pants, then think out of the box and pair them with something softer in texture (cashmere or chiffon) or color (cream, pale yellow, mint green) or print (flowery, polka dots or lean stripes).

Let's take a look shall we?

THAKOON Fall 2012. Do you notice the shiny leather only used as an accent on the arms of the top? This look comes together perfectly with the polka dotted pumps. love!

THAKOON Fall 2012. Notice the length of the jacket? And combination of textures? How brilliantly the maroonish-brown wooly skirt balances the bright pink shiny leather jacket. Perfect.


Victoria Beckham Fall 2012 Ready-to-Wear
VICTORIA BECKHAM Fall 2012: Notice the leather detail on the collar? Precisely. 

Victoria Beckham Fall 2012 Ready-to-Wear
VICTORIA BECKHAM Fall 2012: Coat lapels in python trimmings gives it such an unexpected zing! Swooon...


Derek Lam Fall 2012 Ready-to-Wear
DEREK LAM Fall 2012: So the dark shiny leather vest is paired beautifully with a sober fern green velvet culottes. How divine!

Derek Lam Fall 2012 Ready-to-Wear
DEREK LAM Fall 2012: You can have the fur and the pleather!! This look is soo on the money.


DKNY Fall 2012 Ready-to-Wear
DKNY Fall 2012: The structured jacket itself is a masterpiece, and the leather only adds more oomph!

DKNY Fall 2012 Ready-to-Wear
DKNY Fall 2012: The perfect leather jacket in the world. In my opinion.

DKNY Fall 2012 Ready-to-Wear
DKNY Fall 2012: How delicious is the color of the leather skirt? And a monochromatic look that does not repel.


I urge you gorgeous folks to be a bit adventurous with leather this fall. Its' going to be fun fun fun!


{pics courtesy Stylist and Style}

Shhh...don't tell anyone. I adore this house. Shhh.

I will let you in on something.

So, when I am driving through a nice suburban neighborhood or walking through a townhouse lane, I get very curious about how the house looks from the inside. In other words, I try to catch a glimpse of the living room through the open window or try to imagine how the kitchen looks by the valence hanging on the kitchen window. The whole "how people decorate their homes" is my version of voyeurism and I kinda' enjoy it.  Is it just me? Well, if it is then....oh well! :) Now you know a bit (more) about me.

Imagine my happiness, when I fell upon these lovely pictures of a Parisian home. This home is actually constructed in an old office building and is full of 18th Century masterpieces and contemporary masterpieces (eclectic combo, if you ask me). I imagine the couple to be very rich (duh! obviously) and very tasteful. I also see them hosting literary parties in their dining room and hiring an underground rock group as entertainment. The couple is also, perhaps, one of the Elite members of the Opera and donates heavily to them. Plus, they also have blue hair and wear big horn rimmed glasses. Ya, that's my imagination running wild. Is it just me? Well, if it is then....oh well!

How magnificent is the striped sofa. Love it! Somehow works beautifully with the gold trimmings on the wall. Who wold have thought!

A rotunda! in the house! Love the grisaille panels on the wall.

Double sinks - check. Chandelier check. Silk curtains -check. If it wasn't for the sinks, I would not have guessed this to be a bathroom. Seriously. Loving the checkered floor tiles.

The bedroom is a stark contrast against the tiled floors and colored walls through the house, but is equally enchanting. I think the placement of the chair and columns could be a bit of a hazard (especially if you sleep walk or have to go to the bathroom in the night) but, the feel is very calm and peaceful - precisely what a bedroom should be.

I can soak in that tub for hours. Aah!

Luxury luxury- everywhere! The credit for the decoration of this splendid house goes to Frédéric Méchiche, who is a well known interior designer mixing different eras like they are symbiotic organisms.

So you enjoyed it as well, right? No, not my comments, but the house. Gorgeous.

And, a Happy Monday everyone. Yes, Mondays are happy...if you believe, regardless of anything.


{photos courtesy ElleDecor}

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Wise Words from STYLE PILOT

Oh, I am so excited to announce this. Eeeeks! Yikes! Boinngg!! Where do I even begin? Ahem, let's start again. [NOTE TO SELF: stop these dramatic overtures, lady!]

I am incredibly honored to have the amazing team at STYLE PILOT do a guest post for my lil' {read awesome, entertaining} blog here. Robert from STYLE PILOT contacted me a month ago, and suggested that we partner in putting together an interesting article for Men's fashion. I am sure, he read about my fascination for Men's fashion here.

But, you may be wondering what is STYLE PILOT. It is, as their website says, a personal style engine for men. The key word here is engine. Nothing more manly than that, right? The awesome STYLE PILOT team has put together a compartment train universe of trends + recommendations + shopping all in their powerful site. And, what it basically does is allow men to understand their body type, fashion/style taste through a program on their site,  and then provide possible suggestions on the clothes that will do them complete justice. Heck, it's like having a very own personal personal stylist, but without the fee! Great stuff here, great stuff people.

Please take a moment to peruse the website, and pass on this treasure trove to your husband/boyfriend/guy friend/brother (opposite, if you are a male reader) and let them dazzle you with cool looks once they walk away being enlightened, learned souls from the world of fashion! Quite a wordy analogy there...but, you get the point darlings, right?

Now, on to the guest post.


Top Men’s fashion tips to remember

What are the top fashion tips available to men to maintain a fashionable look?

Make an effort

Whilst saying make an effort, it’s got to be said that it really doesn’t take a great deal of it, or time to present yourself as well dressed and stylish for every waking hour.  Being well dressed isn’t about wearing a suit all the time, but rather dressing in a way which captures your mood and personality perfectly.  The biggest and most valuable fashion tip available to anyone is to know what your strengths are and dress to make them even better.

Although magazines, the internet and a trip to the shops will arm you with everything you need to know the direction of current fashion trends it is important you customise your look so it’s unique to you.  Maintaining a sharp look is important however you don’t ever want to look like you’ve been dressed like an in store mannequin.

Dress to kill

Ensuring you’re fitting in is important and can be even more crucial a factor if you’re meeting new people.  Being fully aware of a dress code before beginning to build an outfit can help you put together a truly killer look, while minimising the likelihood of you suffering any embarrassing moments later on.  What worse than turning up at an event and not being allowed in?

While you’ll obviously want to fit in and look like you’re a fashion genius and bang on trend, fashion gives you creative licence and it would be wrong to curtail that now.  Building a look is great however you need to present yourself with a difference.  It will be easily spotted if you’ve lifted your look from the pages of a glossy magazine.

Playing safe

Staples of every man’s wardrobe should be some reliable safe items that a man knows he can put on and wear without fear on any occasion.  Jeans, dark shoes and a classic fitted shirt are all great examples of items in a man’s wardrobe which can be turned to in an emergency.  This doesn’t mean the rest of the wardrobe should be neglected in favour of these, however a fall back option is always a sensible idea.

Get expert help

Keeping ahead of men’s fashion trends is easier than normal if you decide to seek the help of an outfit builder.  As well as offering examples of stylish clothes suited to you, there is reams of advice available so fashion conscious men everywhere can maintain their look and keep it evolving, original and fresh.


This is really good information. Honestly, how many times have you seen a man ask for suggestions on dressing up? Hardly, right. But, things are changing. There is a recent surge in Men's fashion/styling,  and sites like STYLE PILOT are taking the lead in the right direction and creating a lucrative market niche. And if you are smart darling, you would absorb these tips, and run with it. Its concise and very potent. 

Again, thank you STYLE PILOT for your guest post, and the opportunity to partner with my humble blog.


First ever DIY post here

You are going to love this DIY for your iPhone!! Its a simple one step process, and the ending result gives your hand immediate freedom so that you can a) feed your baby while he gets distracted with his fav Elmo music vidoes or b) watch a movie while you enjoy a glass of coke/wine/scotch. I mean who can forget the tiresome hands holding the iPhone because you did not spend $25 on a silly iPhone stand or something!

So, here is the DIY.

Step 1. You will need a toy with ears, so preferably we are talking about an animal toy here, like, a dog, a bear, or a horse.
Step 2. Sit back and enjoy the iPhone while you do one of the chores listed above

Here is what the DIY will look like...


I told ya - its going to be a one step process!
Share with your friends and family and be the star of their eyes. Trust me, no one will give you the weird look, instead they will kiss the hands that made their hands free. Go ahead. And no, no one will be chuckling cackling laughing either. This is pure genius...tell them I said that! :)


WU Wows

I am salivating. Because of ....

                                                   JASON WU FALL 2012

I am sure this reaction is normal. Right? I mean, I am a normal human being after all and those are Jason Wu, drool inducing. I mean, c'mon people, I still haven't gotten over Couture collection, and out comes the Fall. Be gentle, fashion designers, be gentle on us.


{images courtesy}

Friday, February 10, 2012

What can $5K get you?

Sometimes, just a bottle of nail polish!!

Ya, I just found out about a $5K bottle of polish. You read that right. I am not making it up. And no, I am not that tired after a busy day running after my me darlings, I still have sane neurons firing in my brain. But, they are firing away rather furiously at the thought of a 24K gold infused nail polish by Red Carpet retailing for $5K (coz' over 10 oz of gold dust was injected in the nail paint).

I am all for unique styling and killer trends that set you apart - but if you, yes you millionaire billionaire (who talks millions these days, right?), have extra $$ lying around, please donate to charity for: a) children b) habitation c) environment d) animals because $5K can really make a huge difference as a charitable donation.

Nope, I am not preaching. Just suggesting. Its very easy to do. I sponsor a child (via World Vision) in India and donate on a monthly basis. Nope, I am not tooting my bad ass horn. Just telling ya' lovely folks.

Anywho...Enjoy the weekend!


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Soaking in the Solar Powie - like Anthropologie! {sorry, bit the rhyming bullet}

I don't have much to say today (because my brain is blocked clogged with just too many things, its hard getting anything out. I could take Metamucil, but darlings that's not for the brain..errr), so I thought I would go directly to what I have to share...Anthropologie Spring Lookbook. Lovely dresses and the sun looks really really appealing right now.

Anthropologie January Catalog
I need that wind in my hair. Oh, and love the cable knit mix with polka dots. Deeelight!

Ah, the prints, sand, pale pink, sand and sun...ah. Everything is very effortless classy!

Anthropologie January Catalog
Does anyone see her green grass....on the skirt I mean? 

Anthropologie January Catalog
I don't care..mix prints- I mean feathers and stripes...genius!

Anthropologie January Catalog
"See ya, off to soaking more sun in these bad ass cool clothes"....that's what she said!



{Thank you Bird Cut for the saved me coz most of the images were in flash!}

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Inspiration from the Sidewalk and some narration for your enjoyment

There are some really good sites that give us a glimpse of what some really really fashionable people wear - on a normal day-to-day basis - on the street/sidewalk/water puddle/whathaveyou! And, everytime I look at them I just wonder, are these people even real. I mean foh-reaal. How can they strap on a harness and look like the next best thing to a model. And, why the hell are they looking like models when they are supposed to be "common folk". Gah gah! bash bash.
I think I shouldn't be complaining but rather appreciating the efforts that go into creating a distinct fashion look. Its hard I tell ya - coz' when I am trying to put an outfit together to go out for just a dinner, I feel like I am flying through a trapeze with no support in sight. Its that hard. So, yeah, totally commendable on these fashy (yup- just made up that word) people. And, I see inspirations....other than the fact that they look like models themselves. Gah gah!

Why I like the looks below, I will tell you. I will also take the liberty to create short(est) story/synopsis around them. Hope you like it. Or else...gah gah! :)

Cable knit - check. Pleats - check. Maryjanes with socks - check. Formal shirt - double check. Holding the right wrist with left hand -  check check checkity check []
Story/synopsis: Hi, my name is Ella. I am a financial analyst, but I work as a stockist in a boutique in Soho. My getaway from the budget and variance analysis. I am a bit of a loner inside but I try not to show it. Clothes are my escape and my friends. If it was up to me, I would bury myself in the entire rack on my left. Yeah, I love clothes that much. And, I only allow my hands to be exposed, apart from my face ofcourse. But, I love life. Bye!

I love how this gorgeous lady flaunts her fur and dares to go bold with her boots. All she needs is a toothpick on the side of her mouth and pretty much a sign that is flipping the bird (not the one on her shoulder or maybe!) to the world. []
Story/synopsis: Meet 0.12. Yes, that's her name. She is a spy-sorta'. The double agent caught her leaking the information to the police. She is in trouble, and she doesn't know it yet. Perhaps that's why the confidence is still dripping from her eyes.

Monochromatic done right. Just add variety on textures instead. I love her belt, and with the grandma scarf, which would otherwise look really silly on everyone around her in the picture, looks just perfect on her. Love love the belt. Reminds me of the Valli one here. Oh, and don't let me get started on the shoes.[tommy ton for]
Story/synopsis: I enjoyed the trip to Bali. Was very refreshing for me because it gave me perspective. Gave me peace. If only I can get rid of my boyfriend who wants to carry my vanity bag and follow me to my gallery shows all the time. Why didn't I leave him behind in Bali? Why can't I carry my own vanity and ask him to leave? Arrggh! Oh! calm down and count till 5. Easy. There are photographers around...and remember, I just got back from Bali. Peaceeee.

This is what I like to call a simple yet totally effective outfit. Such a clever use of accessories. Especially that veil+visor combo. Do they really make such a thing? Now I know. [tommy ton for]
Story/synopsis: I need to ace today's  exam or my dad wouldn't let me join his firm. Its that simple. I wish I could have studied hard for this operations management class. I need to make my dad proud. I just need to prove to him that I am worthy of his attention and respect. Darn the twister game with Matt last night .

So what if MJ is gone, his style inspiration is clearly alive. I am actually interested in the beige sweater underneath the white shirt. Is that even legit? I know the chain harness is. Lovely concoction here...just curious to know what the front looks like. Maybe there is a bustier with the walloppy chain?  [tommy ton for]
Story/Synopsis: Rita, I told you to book me a bicycle. I am standing here, with the police searching Linda's apartment and media going bonkers, and I don't have my bicycle. Its urgent. I need to find out where Linda hid her book. The book has all the answers and I need to get to it before Sergeant Jordan does........No, right now....Now, Rita, now!


There tons more sidewalk/street style/water puddle style that I would like to share with you lovely folks, just that I am running out of time (thankfully, not space). So, I promise to bring you another installment of this series soon.

Let me know what you think, because it means a lot to me!


Thursday, February 2, 2012


That's how I feel when looking at this photo. Do you?


{pic courtesy Sarah Kaye}

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Mumbo Jumbo Fuzzy eyebrow

I sometimes get incoherent with words. I may be thinking about a perfectly simple concept or situation, but when it comes talking about them, I can make em' sound like crazy mathematics formula. Ya, I get all hyped up with these ramblings in my mind, like I want to say 10 million things in the same time and the person I am talking to looks at me with eyebrows scrunched, eyes narrowed and a lucid smirk. Yes, I said lucid smirk.

So, giving due importance and respect to this lucid smirk, tell me what you have to say about one of these thoughts I recently had:


There...there...that's a scrunchy eyebrow I have seen before! But, answer me.


Oh, and a haaaappy lovvy dovvy February.


Trying to break the wall

I have been thinking...thinking hard. About how to make this blog better so it inspires and entertains - in its own unique way. In a way that better defines this blog, its contents and theme. But, it seems like I have been hitting a blog wall or something, and no matter how many times I hit my head on the proverbial wall, I just can't seem to get to the idea that will make me go aha! I mean I understand, I can share my fashion choices/picks with you - but then there are so many other blogs which are already doing that, and maybe in a better way - so my question to myself is - how can I deliver my message to YOU in a fresh and exciting way.

I really am thinking - and hopefully I can break down the walls and get to my aha-idea.

Until then, please enjoy (with me) the beautiful artwork, out of books, by Canadian artist Guy Laramee. Just look at them - such amazing landscapes falling off the pages of old books. You can read more about Guy's philosophy here.

Maybe I will use these landscapes to stir some inspiration in my head. Who knows, right?


pics courtesy Yatzer