Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Why I like this time of the year

There's something about the cold air. There's something about the smell of fern. There is something about tree lights blinking like stars. And, then the wreaths, ornaments, carols, snow and happy smiles on people's faces.
All these make me feel so cozy, so loved and so blessed.

So seeing the Christmas decorations and tree popping up at the malls, the houses, and even the laundromats brings a huge grin on my face. And, then I blend easily into the crowd because I become one of the people with happy smiles on their face.

In this eggnoggy, shopping spirit, I bring to you some of the best Christmas window dressings. Oh, how I love to see the stores upping their game to celebrate the holidays. Love Love Love

Anthropologie - am I in the actual forest dressed like a fashion freak! Yes, I am!

Henri Bendel - glam rocks my jingles!

Lord & Taylor - suburban celebrations never looked so real :)
Bloomingdales holiday windows 2011
Bloomingdales: Santa gone wild

Macy's Make a Wish theme -1

Macy's Make a Wish theme -2

Now, these displays are making me want to shop....baad!

What say?


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