Friday, December 2, 2011

Fashion Punchlines, if you know what I mean

Sorry for the lagging posts, its just that I have been down with some stomach bug of sorts and am not feeling my 100%. Plus, while I throw up and all, I still have to run around my son and take care of him, feed him, bathe him. Ok, I am not trying to garner sympathy here (although if you give me your love and blessings at this point, I will take it with my eyes closed), but I am just trying to paint a real and pretty hectic picture/situation here. Would it be awesome if I had a nanny right now? Yes Yes YES! Would it be awesome if even for a little while Kartik could take time off from work to help? YES YeS YES! But, these are like my Christmas wishlist. Good to have but not necessarily going to happen. I have made my peace with this, so its ok. Plus, not that I cannot move and all. I am grateful that inspite of the sickness I can still run around after my son.

Ok darlings, I don't want to discuss this further. It can get boring and trust, me that's the last thing I want to, bore you. And what happens when I bore you? You don't visit my blog!! No, I can't afford that. I need you like I need water. :) Love ya!

Moving on.

I came across this photoshoot of model Dimphy Janse (funny name, won't you say,...Dimphy!)by Signe Vilstrup and in each shot, I saw fashion punchlines (new phrase alert!). I couldn't help but notice how a single element could take the outfit to the next level...ofcourse you have to give it to the make-up, styling and photography team to bring it all together, but are you getting my gist? Good!

Come on then, let's take a walk through these punchlines. Trust me, no one gets hurt here!



Aah, the glitter pants. Aah! {phtaaasssh} punchline: the medal on the rope belt!

The uber gorgeous color blocked sweater with pleated tuxedo (linen?) pants. {whatissssh} punchline: the fingerless gloves!

glittery riding pants and the medal worn as armlet {phatisssh kapoww} punchline: metal shoulder pads

Don't care much about the model's expression here, but man that jacket! {pow boom kapow aaah} punchline, the horse'e neck! hahaha tricked ya, right?

Tadaa! the cute colorful fur balls, such a darn addition to the basic white outfit. {phatissssh kaboom!} punchline: the orange lipstick matching with the orange belt

Oh, and there is a beauty punchline here too, just a tad bit

what I call the sparrow eyes. Love it! {chirp chirp kaboom}

Photos: Signe Vilstrup for Tush Magazine
Model: Dimphy Janse
Outfitted by: Wiebke Brederhost {doesn't it feel like this stylist last name means horse breeder, perfect for the shoot she styled...hahah, funny bone tickling here..loud!}

So, what's your fashion punchline? Phatisssh? Kaboom? or Kapow? :)


{images courtesy FGR}

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