Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tuesday without my phone

I didn't realize how dependent I had become on my phone. Time, check. Email, check. Photos and videos on the go, check. Notes taking, check
Oh, dear phone, please come back to me! I need you like I need water~

And, while my phone has been dead sleeping, I have been trying to stay productive other ways. Key word here is trying. So, here are some things I managed to do:

  • Arranged the linen closet
  • Cleaned  my closet for summer/winter clothes
  • Slept while my son dozed off in the crib
  • Wrote in journal - after a really really long time
  • Played a bit more with my son
I am sure you are thinking what do I mean by the list above and what do I mean by being productive. Hey, only my phone was off, so what?? Well darlings, the time I saved not browsing aimlessly, checking emails n-number of times, checking facebook updates...so, saved a lot of time, which I would have wasted away. But, I miss the phone for its convenience.

So, my Tuesday was slow and I loved everything about it! Especially, that little extra moments with my son...and my diary!

What did you do differently today?How was your Tuesday?

Oh, and ofcourse HAPPY NOVEMBER {gobble gobble month}


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