Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I don't know why, but I decided to share this with you. This, as in, random things that I think about when I am, say, driving, cooking, taking a shower, etc.  Sometimes I wonder that there is such randomness in my brain that I should bag them up and store them somewhere in public storage. Now, there, did you notice? What a random thought that was. And, totally silly! But, that's who I am, and why should I hide it.

Ok, here's your opportunity to peek a bit more in my mind, and know a bit more about me.

To randomness that dwells...

  • Why do we park in the driveway and drive on a parkway
  • These phone chargers need to be made more compact - they are monstrous
  • If you have indicators/signals on your car, use them - don't think you have to pay extra to use them
  • When we write an email, why do we have to sign our name, isn't it so clear and obvious who the email is from
  • Why does the sale begin only after I have already bought the stuff
  • What will happen to the watch industry...people now have sooo many digital devices to tell time
  • I really hope Barnes & Noble stays in business, I need this store around 
  • I am indebted to the guys who created youtube. I can learn so many things by seeing a video, like, how to iron my shirt perfectly or how to assemble Ikea furniture. Plus, its very useful to play nursery rhymes while I am feeding my son
  • Road rage is stupid and the person who indulges in it, stupider!
  • I love using coupons when shopping, especially, for grocery and everyday item. Love it when my receipt says, "You saved $10.35 today" .Yes, I collect coupons...so?
  • Why are these bananas I bought "product of China" - really, c'mon??
  • I don't like oversmart people. Too heavy and lopsided personalities
Ah, that's enough for now. More randomness coming your way in the future.

Love ya!

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