Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Things that make me go ooommmm...aappy

After perusing the lovely blog over at Rockstar Diaries, I got inspired to write a similar article. On happiness, that is. Naomi, the blog author or bloggess, if you will, talks about 10 things that makes her happy, and when I read that a light bulb started dangling brightly in front of me, and I knew what I had to do.

So here,

10 Things that make me happy:
  • The first smile of my day from my son who wakes up with his hair all ruffled up in cute curls and lil' puffy eyes
  • The smell of fresh cut grass, especially early morning when there is dew on it
  • Finding a corner to sit and read a a bookstore
  • Finding coupons for just the thing I was going to buy, the very same day
  • Getting a compliment from a total stranger
  • Cute videos of my nieces going goooo gaaa, Ae, Bee, Cee, Dhee
  • Fresh laundered clothes of my son. Ooh, the smell, the smell, totally insane
  • Unexpected dinner made by my husband on a day when I totally needed it. And, I didn't even have to ask or suggest
  • When my son finishes his food/milk without me running after him with a spoon/bottle
  • Finally fitting into my pre-pregnancy clothes. Yeay!!
  • Parking right in front of the restaurant in NY city
Mind you, it wasn't easy. Things didn't just float in my head. I had to think really really hard. Plus, I listed 11 not 10 things although I could just list another 10 now that I am on a roll.
Wow, but I am glad my brain got some exercise. Plus, I am also glad that I got an opportunity to be grateful for all the wonderful things (happening) in my life.

With a deep inhale, my heart expands to the size of a giant squishy ball, I feel the power of happiness and gratitude washing over me right now. And, I tell you, its the most beautiful sensation I have experienced. And, the happiest one at that.

Tag, you are it!

What are the things that make you happy? 


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