Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sample Sale Tuesday: Jewel Tide

So, what's happening in the finance world? Well, good news for some Madoff clients, who will eventually see some refund. Apple is coming out with a more powerful iPhone (love it).  Fed Reserve Chairman Bernanke stressed on the importance of central banks helping boost the economy a bit more. So, yeah, there is hope. Thumbs up for that!

Aaaaand, this is post # 101 {cue in the blaring field trumpets}

Something about wearing a pair of long dangly earring or a nice statement necklace makes me feel sexy and confident. These accessories add that (much needed) extra oomph to the outfit and make dressing up so much fun. Um, although heels do the same thing for me, but jewelry is the bada-bing bada boom of it all. I get really excited (read squeals of happiness) when I see a pair of earrings or a bangle or a necklace, and immediately start running the list of outfits I would wear it with. Its very important for me to pre-visualize and you know what, that's an instant mood enhancer...picturing myself looking like a gorgeous model rocking the jewels. Oh, and then I do this weird victory dance, of which I am going to spare you the details :)

Ok, enough about me.

I will now give you the opportunity to be a model and rock the jewelry. Its all about sharing and caring, you know!


Rivka Freedman two toned, Sale $52                                        Rivka Freedman square, Sale $44
{sale ends 10/5 at 11pm}                                                                  {sale ends 10/5 at 11pm}

Miriam Salat quilted star bangle, Sale $248                            Miriam Salat olive studded bangle, Sale $158
{sale ends 10/5 at 12 am}                                                          {sale ends 10/5 at 12 am}

Blake Scott tripleskull ring, Sale $2500                                Blake Scott black jade floral drop, Sale $3,300
{sale ends 10/6 at 11 am}                                                     {sale ends 10/6 at 11 am}

**no jewelry today**

So, in true Shivika spirit, I bring you this instead

Elizabeth & James Sky Pump in Black Distressed
Elizabeth & James Sky pump, Sale $95 {sale ends 10/7 at 6pm}

**uh-ho no jewelry today here as well**

So, I bring you this instead

Judith Lieber crystal clutch, Sale $900 {sale ends 10/5 at 11am}


Sorrelli Montana layered chain earrings, Sale $30           Sorrelli Aurora Sky Autumn necklace, Sale $80
{sale ends 10/6 at 12:30am}                                           {sale ends 10/6 at 12:30am}

Kenneth Jay Lane cluster necklace, Sale $80        Kenneth Jay Lane silver deco clip on, Sale $23
{sale ends 10/5 at 2 am}                                           {sale ends 10/5 at 2 am}

Kenneth Jay Lane horseshoe necklace, Sale $35  Kenneth Jay Lane double link earrings, Sale $25
{sale ends 10/5 at 2am}                                          {sale ends 10/5 at 2am}

Thaaaat's all ya' folks! Sample Sales are serious business, so get your credit card out, and go ahead, get serious with buying smart!!

Do tell me what made you do that weird victory dance of yours!

Love ya!

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