Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sample Sale Tuesday: Home Ground

The Euro is trending lower because of all the issues going on there. But, you already knew that! My smart readers :) So, I would suggest, if you have savings, dip in em' and take that trip to Italy so  that when you buy cappuccino there, its not like you spent money on a dinner. Ha! On a separate note, technology is doing good these days, so I believe its a good sector to park some money in (via your trading account, that is). Market was flat-tish today, but that was kind of expected. You may ask, so what's really going on? Are markets driving the economy or the economy driving the markets? The answer is that economic changes, such as, GDP growth,  unemployment rates, etc, have an impact on the markets as these factors drive the sentiments of the market makers and cause buying or selling activity. And think of economy at the macro level and markets at the micro level. And, both have a global impact.

Which brings me to todays' sample sale! Yippeee. Do I hear you clap your hands and shake your head side to side in excitement? Well, that's what I intended darlings. And, today's installment is back to the home ground. I mean, the home stuff.
Don't you just love decorating that little nook in the house or re-adjusting the stuff on your bathroom counter so the space looks right out of interior magazine or lighting candles all over? Don't you go crazy when you see that porcelain figurine, waiting to be held in your hands and being showcased in the confinements of your gorgeous home? Don't you love conversation pieces for your kitchen? Don't you? Don't you?Well, I do, and I will let you in on a secret. I have decorated window sills of each room in my apartment. Yes, and whenever my dad pays a visit to my house and wants to sit in front of the windows to enjoy the skyline of Manhattan, he asks me to remove my paintings and candles from the window sill. He says that they are eye sores and that they should not be there at all. Dad, you are cute, but no!

And so...

As always, this is serious business, this sample sale, so please act quick. Things get ugly when the prices are that low! Spread the love...


Paddywax Orange Blossom, Sale $10                            Core Bamboo glossy salad set, Sale $20
{sale ends 10/13 at 11 am}                                                    {sale ends 10/12 at 11am}

Core Bamboo swoop entertainment set, Sale $36                   EDIE Silk Ikat pillow, Sale $34
{sale ends 10/12 at 11am}                                                                 {sale ends 10/14 at 11am}


***sorry, no home stuff today, so I bring you this instead***
Stella McCartney WBT-229556-SU223-BL-40
Stella McCartney black beaded tuxedo trousers, Sale $388
{sale ends 10/13 at 9 am}


Casafina "south beach" baker, Sale $20                              Casafina set of 4 medallion placemats, Sale $20
{sale ends 10/14 at 11 am}                                                     {sale ends 10/14 at 11 am}

Nova wall art, Sale $230                                                       Nova wall art, Sale $230
{sale ends 10/13 at 11am}                                                   {sale ends 10/13 at 11am}

 Nova 28inch Pearson, Sale $138                                           Nova 26inch Boo standing lamp, Sale $120
{sale ends 10/13 at 11am}                                                        {sale ends 10/13 at 11am}

The Rug Market Love In Idleness Rug, Sale $300                 The Rug Market Turn Bridge Rug, Sale $300
{sale ends 10/12 at 11 am}                                                             {sale ends 10/12 at 11 am}


Taymor 3 tier towel valet, Sale $90            Waterpik 2 spray shower head, Sale $24
{sale end 10/12 at 11pm}                                 {sale ends 10/12 at 11pm}

Grander Images Oil on Canvas, Sale $184          Grander Images Marilyn Monroe Kiss me Stupid, Sale $156
{sale ends 10/13 at 11pm}                                          {sale ends 10/13 at 11pm}

Thaaat's all ya folks! Get going on making your abode the place to hang out and relax! Go go go!

Oh, and don't forget to tell me what you are buying?


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