Sunday, October 9, 2011

OMG WTF...With Love

OMG WTF...With LoveSometimes the mind is so busy processing all the different ideas, information, conversations, and pictures that we forget what we were trying to get to in the first place. I have so many of such moments, especially after being a new mom. 
My mind is thinking something, my mouth is speaking something else and my eyes are watching something totally unrelated. But, then I calm myself and try to arrange the cacophony into a sensible chaos. I try to make peace with  my wandering mind and eyes because, well, I am a human after all, and its ok to be in a state when you are cocooned inside your mind and sorting the idiosyncrasies.
And, the OMG WTF series is my interpretation of processing visual cacophony that exists in the fashion and design world. There is just so much to wear and so much to be inspired with that one can spend the whole day  trying to put the list together. And, I meant just the list. Forget about being inspired. That will take another week or so. Ha!
Anywho darlings, this OMG WTF is my play at putting inspirations together. If you don't understand, please don't feel like you are losing it, it doesn't need to be understood. It needs to be celebrated! Enough of me blabbering. Just enjoy, will ya!
Be a human!

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