Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday Personals

Today, I really felt the Monday blues. The weather was dark. It rained almost all the time, and my son was a bit cranky too. Maybe he was feeling the blues with me.

After I put my son to sleep, I stood by the window, and traced the rain drops with my fingers as they zig zaged on the glass. I looked through the droplets, and witnessed the wet street and swaying trees from my12th floor. People were running with umbrellas, and some were running with their coats held over their heads. I wondered what was going through their mind while they ran to save themselves from getting soaked. Were they running away from a situation at home or work or were they running towards a situation? I don't know, I was just contemplating. Sometimes I do that, you know. I try to look at people and try to figure out what they are going through, what they are thinking...basically, what's their story. Are they happily married with three kids, are they millionaire artists in torn clothes or are they regular wannabes (like me) getting through life pursuing or trying to pursue their passion?

The kettle sounded off in the kitchen, and I was forced to peel myself away from the window, and the endless thoughts. I poured hot water over a tea bag, stirred in the milk, picked up the cup in one hand, while the other grabbed the morning's newspaper lying on the dining table. Morning had started, and it was the beginning of the week, so I looked forward to what the papers had to offer.  I avoided the "sensational" news and focused on the finance and fashion ones. Afterall, these were my blues destroyer, and I needed them. One look at a Christian Dior ad was enough for me to snap out of the dazed look in my eyes. Life was good. With a hot cup of delicious tea, a style spread to inhale read, and an adorable son napping beautifully in his crib.

Blues? What blues?

*** UPDATE: This is m y 100th post! Yeay...I  made it this far, and this long! 100 is such a nice wholesome number, right? ***


What gives you the blues? And, what washes them away?


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