Sunday, October 30, 2011

Infinite is kinda' countable.

So, the Americans are spending again. But, here's the catch - there has been no increase in their paycheck. What does it all mean then? Is the economy doing better or people are just plain crazy. Not sure, but there are quite few possible things, at least what I racked my brain to come up with:

  • Our savings rate is going down
  • The impact of sample sale websites, such as, Gilt, RueLaLa, HauteLook, et al
  • The impact of groupon, living social, coupons, and what have you
  • The companies offering steep discounts due to expected stablization of dollar
Is this all good? It's hard to say either ways because its important for consumer spending to increase to show a boost in the economic confidence, because optimism drives the market in an upbeat manner. So, as an investor, let's call him Mr Frown, I could take this news as a concern because this could mean that there aren't enough savings, which could cause another consumer debt crisis. But, then there is another investor, let's call him Mr. Happy, who would say that people are spending cash as credit card business has tightened up. Which means that they are truly spending without taking on any debt.

You decide!

Which does not bring me to the Infinity Dress. You have heard about it, right? The dress that you could wear a few hundred different ways, technically not infinite, but you get the gist. So, when Gilt posted a sample sale for the infinity dress by Tart, I jumped on the opportunity to share with you a few different ways you could rock this truly flexible crazy-ass figure flattering dress. Sit back, see and then come up with your own version of wearing this dress. Now, that's what I call fun! Brain exercise!






And, go ahead, get yourself one if you are motivated. Its on sale for $99 at Gilt!

Love ya~!

Oh, and enjoying the snow (if you are in the East coast area) in October!! Yummm

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