Thursday, October 20, 2011


I am kinda sorta into photography. Kinda sorta big time.
I enjoy taking pictures. I especially love shooting people...with my kick-ass Canon and capturing that perfect moment of joy, happiness, laughter, silliness between them. Capturing that perfect moment of being human.

So, no surprise then that I read quite a few photo blogs. And one lifestyle photographer who has been making my heart melt with his pictures is Jose Villa. This genius shoots entirely in film, that is, he does not use the current digital camera technology, which does not allow him to edit and preview his shots. No sir. No mam. He does it the old fashioned way, and produces some really awe inspiring and jaw dropping images (sorry had to use this cliche because I couldn't think of anything else with a similar impact).

Now, I would share with you a bazillion of his images, but that would be silly because you could very well go to his website and peruse his pictures (and day dream a bit as well). So, I will share just a handful shots that really melt my heart into a mushy ball everytime I see them. Maybe they remind me of that perfect moment of being human.

One day, one fine day, I hope to be just as good (and dreamy) as him. Ah!

Soooo, which ones stole your breath away?



  1. very nice blog.

    how can I follow you?
    XO Carmen,

  2. thanks carmen! you are a sweetheart :)