Thursday, September 1, 2011

WSJ Magazine - I Love you!

This past weekend, when my husband picked up WSJ lying on our doorstep, I ran to him as if I wanted him to lift me and twirl me around to the soundtrack of Dirty Dancing.  Instead, I wanted the paper. I asked him to shake the paper hard, and he looked at me as if I had nuked my brains in the sleep. I repeated and he did just that, and out pooped popped what I had meaning to get my hands on in the first place - the WSJ Magazine. I took the beauty with loving hands and caressed the cover (featuring Rachel Weisz). No darlings, I am not a pervert, although I do think that Ms Weisz is a hottie, but it was the magazine that I had the hots for!


I had been patiently waiting for a month for this bombass issue and what a relief it was to see it nestled finally between my "wanting" hands. There was so much to inhale absorb, so many interesting articles to read through, and such enlightenment to be had.
Now, I believe in sharing. Infact, that's what I have been teaching my son lately. So, how can I not be the one practicing it, huh? huh? That would make me hypocrite alright, and I don't want to be one. Thus, I will take this opportune moment to share with you a few highlights (atleast for me) from the magazine:

1. INTERVIEW WITH THE MASTER GENIUS REI KAWAKUBO: If there is anyone who can rock the fashion world hard, its Rei. Under her label, Comme des Garcons, Rei has exploded the said rules of fashion and has destructured what it should look like. Most designers only think about changing the dynamics of designs, you know, they play with words and concepts, but its Rei who has actually done it! She makes a very strong point when she says, "My work has never been as an artist. I have only continued all these years to try to make a business with creation. This has been my first and one and only decision of any importance." Hmm, so she was never the "broke designer with funky ideas"! Very insightful.

2. THE BOLSHOI RESURRECTION: This article takes us into the $720 million artisinal overhaul of Moscow's legendary Bolshoi theater. The newly revamped theater is scheduled to open in October. And why the super expensive $$$$ tag? Well, the restoration was done at par to its original ornate glory, how it was during the Czar era, and no stones (quite literally) were left unturned to achieve that feat. And, so the multi-million invoice.

3. THE PRIVATE DESIGNER'S PRIVATE ABODE: The magazine gives us a glimpse into the beautiful home of the star designer behind Jil Sander (my fav) Raf Simons and its amazing to see how simple yet artistically oomph is the designer's house. The interirors are filled with super finds from the art world and the diversity of the pieces comes together so intensely that you may wonder if they were all ever different objects.



4. WHERE HERMES IS BORN AND WHO GET TO ABDUCT IT:  Its in Paris and the craftsmanship that goes on behind the scenes is to die for. There is a recent rumor into LVMH trying to take controlling stake in this historic brand. Currently, the luxury retailer holds 20% stock stake of Hermes. There are going to be issues, I say, if ever Hermes gets dragged into the LVMH, which owne brands like Celine, Christian Dior, Fendi, because, well, Hermes needs to be a stand alone design house, far from corporate influences.

Rooftop of Hermes Paris headquarters

[mag911hermes14] [mag911hermes19]
The Kelly                                                          Spring 2012 Scarf

Well, there's still a lot more, but you would really have to hold the magazine in your hand, turn its glorious pages and take in all the wisdom.


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