Monday, September 12, 2011

White Light Shines Bright

They say no white after labor day. Well, they say a lot of other things to, which we don't have to follow.  And, really, what's wrong with white? Its such a calming and pure color, how can it be banned! The proposity!
Because no one can stop me (or for that matter, you) from breaking silly rules, I thought I would do a feature on white! I will start from home and then move to wardrobe. Wouldn't it be something to be wearing white bell bottoms with a white embroidered tunic, and sitting on a comfy plush white sofa, reading White Teeth by Zadie Smith under the light of a white lamp? Ok, I guess I am taking this a bit too far. But, you with me?

Some visions and inspirations in white (remember my posts in black here and here)..



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