Friday, September 23, 2011

Whats' inspiring me today: Dark lips

With it raining outside, I think a perfect excuse to play a little dress up indoors is by painting my lips a dark shade of red, purple or brown. And, voila! Instant hotness! Although I will not look anything like the models below, but, what the heck, they are a source of my glamorous inspiration! I will share my photo in the next post - promise!

After a few seasons of nude lips and makeup, I am glad the bold dark lips are making a comeback! Woo woo! {see, how little crazy silly things make me happy!!}


Love the cool polka dots eyeliner -- such a cute idea and its definitely not OTT!! Yeayy for new beauty find!

What beauty trend inspires you today?


{Photographs courtesy: MorganNorman and Sarah Kaye}

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