Friday, September 30, 2011


The market was in an upbeat mood yesterday as Greece, it seems, is going to give good news: No Default. The third quarter is ending today, and what a volatile market it has been. So many ups and downs, pertaining to Euro defaults, job creation and US trade deficit amendments. There is still 3.5 hours to go before the market closes, so let's see how the quarter ends, because usually around this time, the investor managers are busy re-balancing their portfolio and juggling assets that it could drive the market in any direction. Oh, in another news, if you are a Bank of America (BoA) customer, then you should know that starting October 1, they would start charging $5 for use of debit card in certain states. So, if you are having dinner with your friend in one of the states they identify as "chargeable" and you swipe your debit card, then say goodbye to additional $5 also. They, would, however, not charge you for using ATM. Thank you for this mercy, Mr. CEO of BoA. And, my husband, a loyal BoA customer,  will have such an issue this. I know it.

So, to brighter stuff.

Trenchies. Yes, trenchies. As in Trench coats. And, why they are the brighter stuff? Because, they just brighten up an outfit, in a simple, elegant, classy kind of way. And, they make me cheery. You know, I feel there should be a season called "Trench Season" right before the Fall season, because in reality we do end up wearing trench coat more since its raining and sometimes chilly, but not bone chilling. You get my drift? So, how about if I declare this season as Trench Season. You with me? The weather has been so confusing, right? Its super hot and humid at 2pm, and then by 5pm, the temperatures have fallen a good 5-7 degrees. A Trench is perfect for such weirdness.

And, in my pursuit for investing in a nice Trench (trust me, darlings, Trench is an investment because it can see you through many many please save up to spend a few extra $$$$$$$$ on it), I came across a huge variety. It was just mind numbing. Then, what I did was, put them in categories, so it was easy for me to understand what I liked and what I wanted to buy. And, how can I keep this all to myself. I love you guys, and hence, here are my findings. Hope it allows you to look at Trenchies in a whole different light. A brighter light, that is.

The Trench CollectionThe Classic is your simple cut, double breasted beauty. It comes in tan, brown, black, navy blue, crimson and sometimes mustard color. Oh, and green too. The Classic is just that. Classy, and it will make you feel well put together and sassy at the same time. Here: Burberry London Poplin and Farfetch Double Breasted.

The Different is the rebel beauty. It is made of the same weather-prood material, but shocks you in its silhouette. Definitely a conversation starter, this type of Trench will always make you feel edgy and adventurous. Here: Preen Zoe Mia Mac Trench and Naf Naf Trench Marron

 The Printed is the ethereal beauty. It comes in a variety of prints, from animal ones to floral. These coats are sure to make cold wet days cheery and fun. And, mysterious. Is it a dress or a coat? So, they will say Here: Emmanuel Ungaro Animal Print, Erdem Printed, and Z Spoke by Zac Posen Floral Printed.

Which one is your favorite? Are you the classic, different or the printed kind?


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