Saturday, September 24, 2011


So, I do these weekly posts on Weekend Warrior, and you may ask, "Shivika, but, what do you mean by Weekend Warrior?" or "What does Weekend Warrior represent to you" or perhaps "How do you choose the pictures to represent Weekend Warrior?"

First, wow! I have never used the term Weekend Warrior so many times in one breath sentence. That's a lot of dubya dubya's  to handle! **snicker**snort**snort**

Second, to answer your questions, all I would say is that WW to me represents freedom. Freedom from fashion rules of elegance and sophistication. Freedom from the box thinking. Freedom from the mundane. Although I did do a WW post with JCrew's fall look, which you could call pretty normal, to me that was not boring or mundane. And, that's because of  big, bold, bad-ass colors that the outfits were smeared painted created in. And, the hidden message I like to take myself and give out through the WW post is that don't let the casualness of a weekend get in your way of being that glamour, uber stylish, fashionable queen/king that you are. If anything, use the extra hours on hand to push your limits and experiment. Be it with clothes, make up or simply your life! So, yeah, that's pretty much my thinking process behind doing the WW post and selecting the pictures that go along with it.

Now I point the gun at turn to you. What does a weekend warrior mean to you? How would you represent a WW? Let me know, because I am a curious bunny and I just need to know everything! :) Hahhaha

And, oh, here's this week's Warrior..behold my brethren!

{notice the dark lips!}


{image courtesy: Sarah Kaye}

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