Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sample Sale Tuesday: Wardrobe {mal}Function

Today is Google's 13th Birthday! Google is officially a teenager now :) Imagine all the ruckus it will create now that it has "come of age." Hehehe. But, seriously, a very very Happy Birthday to the company, and may they create many more simple-to-use, super fast and high storage web products.

Which does not bring me to today's sample sale focus: the perfect dress. A dress says a lot about the person's character. Ok, you could say, "But, Shivika, any piece of outfit could tell a lot about a person, so why pick just a dress." My scientific theory states that because a dress is a single item of clothing, there are only just so many ways ( ie, 1)  you can get it wrong or right. So, its pretty  much all you have to define a personality. If its too transparent or deep (low) cut cleavage enhancing, well, we know that you haven't had sex in a looong time and are trying to get some some. If its full sleeved, down to the ankle and comes with a turtleneck, then we know that you haven't had sex in a loooong time either.
See,  I told ya, I had a very good scientific simple theory.

Jokes aside, this is a Sample Sale, and  this is serious stuff. So, please act fffaasst before your fellow fashionrita (derived from senorita) beats you to it! Click and Go! Or should it be Go and Click? Either ways....chop chop!


    Magaschoni City Ruffled dress, Sale $149                         Zac Posen Double Faced crepe dress, Sale $449
    {sale ends 9/28 at 10pm}                                                         {sale ends 10/1 at 3pm}

Marni Peplum waist dress, Sale $499                            Dolce & Gabbana Sateen Jacquard dress, Sale $499
{sale end 10/1 at 3 pm}                                                        {sale end 10/1 at 3 pm}


Yves Saint Laurent Black Wool Dress Torn Multicolor Print Long Racerback Dress
YSL wool dress, $483                                                         Torn Racerback maxi, Sale $71
{sale ends 10/29 at 11 am}                                                  {sale ends 10/29 at 11 am}

Yves Saint Laurent Gold Strapless Dress Yves Saint Laurent Black Wool Dress
YSL gold strapless dress, Sale $310                               YSL wool sheat dress with details, Sale $479
{sale ends 10/29 at 11 am}                                                 {sale ends 10/29 at 11 am}


Laundry by Shelli Segal B/G Dress, Sale $80                  Laundry by Shelli Segal Neptune, Sale $80
{sale end 9/28 at 9pm}                                                           {sale end 9/28 at 9pm}

Laundry by Shelli Segal Sisal, Sale $100
{sale end 9/28 at 9pm}


TLH Yello Alro, Sale $40                                  TLH Jade Emma, Sale $45
{sale ends 9/28 at 4pm}                                      {sale ends 9/28 at 4pm}

Tadashi Pleated, Sale $130                                Raw Earth Sophia, Sale $50
{sale ends 9/28 at 4pm}                                     {sale ends 9/28 at 4pm}

Thea Midnight sequined, Sale $160               Betsey Johnson Lilac, Sale $130
{sale ends 9/28 at 4pm}                                     {sale ends 9/28 at 4pm}

I am sure you must have noticed one thing. Guess guess.
Well, if you scrunch your eyes real hard and focus, I have given you ample LBD choices above. See, I love you guys that much. :)

Hurry up, if you likey something then you buyey something!! Kapish!


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