Wednesday, September 21, 2011

OMG WTF....With Love

The weather was a bit off today. There was no sun. Absolutely no sun, and the whole day looked dreary and dark. It seemed as if it was very cold outside. But, the weird thing, it wasn't. It was rather warm and stuffy. So much, that I had to turn on the AC because my babyroo was sweating bad. But, then when the AC was on for too long, it got cold and he would sneeze.  So, you see, totally off ! It wasn't what it looked like outside!

So, this OMG WTF was kinda sorta inspired by the off weather today. Again, darlings, I am still looking to find my style/design ethics with this series, so please forgive me if this makes you very cold....or warm and stuffy! Cheerio

OMG WTF series

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