Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Makeup on an Outfit

I am very particular about my coats. To me, they are the make up on my outfits. They are the masks. They tell a story about what's hiding beneath. If the mask screams "wow", the face clothes wouldn't disappoint either! Or, umm, maybe they would if the coat is just uber fabulous. Well, in that case, I won't take it off and  let the compliments flow in!

Lately, I have been getting attracted to beigy-whitish coats. They are so pure, elegant, and classy. They are perfect during cold winter days, when you  are walking down the street with the nose red from the chilly air, the scarf layered around the neck providing ample warms and the mouth blowing visible air mist as you take each step. The crispiness in the air will bounce perfectly off these light colored coats giving you just the right amount of winter glow.

So yeah, have been digging these light colored coats below. And, they represent such diversity in styles that they will never be boring!!  Some' some' for moi - the stylish mama!

What have you been thinking about wearing for the winter? What coat style/color has been giving you sleepless night?


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