Sunday, September 25, 2011


I want to remember today. I just have to document it.

My son rolled around in the grass for the first time today, and what a beautiful spectacle that was. He was fighting with the blades of grass as if they were interrupting his crawling routine. As if they were being too clingy.

The day was rather hot and muggy, but that did not stop me and my husband to venture out to the city with our son and just hang like a regular "city" family. We took the Path train to 34th street Herald Square and then decided to walk to Bryant Park at 42nd Street.  I initially thought we would be going to Central Park, so when my husband suggested we walk, I protested (read. shaking my head a loud NO) because there was no way I would walk 20+ blocks in that mugginess and subject my son to it as well. But, then he reminded me that it was only 8 blocks, and that I had to stop being so dramatic. Oh, darlings, trust me, bad weather brings out the worst actor in me...I literally become your Drama Queen, if you know what I mean!

There were just so many people out on the streets today. Or so it seemed. Orrrrr, it had been a really really long time since the last time I leisurely walked the streets of NY with my husband, that I forgot what it really meant to walk up the NYC blocks. So, anyways, after dodging, like a million passersby, we finally reached Bryant Park, and sat next to the fountain. But, my son was so wired that he wanted to be set free on the floor. Ofcourse, I could not just leave him on the dirty concrete ground. So, Kartik and I walked towards the park, sat on the slightly moist grass, and released our babyroo. He took no more than two seconds to start exploring the new floor texture. He was pulling, tugging and fighting off the grass blades. And, yes, a few even reached his mouth. He was just soo happy,  and what's the word...umm, free. Yes, free. He super crawled toward a group of young girls and tried to go for their purse hanging on the chair. Kartik ran quickly to lift him back to us. The young girls smiled and waved at my handsome hunk, and I am not referring to Kartik here :)

We sat around for thirty minutes, and the increase in mosquito activity was our signal to get going. We packed up and tried to place our son in the stroller, which was very difficult because as you know our son had found out what it meant to be "free." So, then Kartik put him in a baby carrier instead and we walked to 42nd street. The lights and music and miscellaneous street fair at Times Square proved to be very entertaining for our son. His neck went from left to right to left to up to down. I am sure he was trying to take it all in, and try to decipher, what really was going on. I am sure he wondered why he didn't get this much amount of "light" in his house. Oh, small bulbs!

Then our final pit stop was the Toys"R"Us store in Times Square and although our son is too young to understand the concept of a jumbo giant wheel, we showed him (read, repeated pointing in that direction) nonetheless. He was instead focused on another baby who was crying his heart out. We then decided to take him to see the dinosaur (yes, yes, call us silly eager parents) on the second floor. You know, the T-Rex.  When we got there, we again pointed to the dinosaur, which was roaring and growling at that point. He looked at the dinosaur, and then at me, and then just dozed off. Tilting his head against my husband's chest as he remained suspended in the baby carrier. It was the most adorable sight ever. The plushy cute toys strewn around the endless aisles of the store had nothing on my son.

So, as I said before. I want to remember today. I just have to document it.

My husband and son by the Bryant Park fountain


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