Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Fun Shopping

Amazon is on a roll today. They announced the release of $199 tablet, which is supposed to be a tough competition for iPad and then they also announced the release of $99 Kindle, with touchscreen, which is a resemblance of Barnes & Noble Nook . Wowza! Ok, you may say that I have blinders on, but I believe that nothing can beat Apple. Drop the prices, spike up the gimmick, but nothing can replace an Apple product. I mean after all, everything in the end gets compared to this master creator. Right, right? And, the European crisis seems to be coming back or sorts, because the market panicked today and went south. If you are invested in the market,  just hold on a bit (like a week), because there's just so much volatility and lack of direction that rash decisions can be made. And, what's doing good right now: commodities. So, research them and pick what you like.

And, then there are baby clothes.

I have been talking all along about what I want, and what's hot and trendy out there in women's fashion, that I forgot to research and shop for my lovely son. So, I decided to share with you just what I have lined up to buy for him. Nothing fancy, but just some cute outfits to keep him warm, and fashionably cool! :)

Baby boy clothes

Do you have kids? If yes, where do you shop for them? Any outfit suggestions you would like to share? I am all eyes and  ears darlings!


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