Saturday, September 10, 2011

3.1 Reasons to Buy

Ok, so I am working hard on giving you my version of the NY fashion week, but in the meantime, I could not NOT share with you my squealy excitement when I came across the sample sale of 3.1 Phillip Lim. Because of my vacay in  the beautiful terrains of MD, I missed out on regular feature of Sample Sale Tuesday. But, since I love you so much, I am doing this off post to make you a happy bunny. A haute fashionable happy bunny.

Get your hands on em' fast, because as I mentioned, its a sample sale darlings! And, its on at my favorite sample sale heaven: GILT.COM

 Plumage Sequin Dress, Sale $399                                    Wool Macintosh Coat, Sale $279
{who says you cannot wear this tank dress in Fall? Who?}


Silk Wool Flare Blouse, Sale $149                                 Silk Plaid tie waist Dress, Sale 239

Broomstick Pleated Dress, Sale $299                          Lace up Tea Dress, Sale $199
{loving the simple yet sexy silhouette of the dresses}

Textured Wool Dress, Sale $229                                  Sequin Assymterical Dress, Sale $429

Silk Draped Cocktail Dress, Sale $299                    Draped Tapered Trouser, Sale $139

There is more, so head on over at Gilt, and grab yourself a truly stunning timeless piece for your closet. You won't mind shelling out a bit extra for a style that will last seasons.

Got any favorites? Do let me in on it it.


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