Friday, September 30, 2011


The market was in an upbeat mood yesterday as Greece, it seems, is going to give good news: No Default. The third quarter is ending today, and what a volatile market it has been. So many ups and downs, pertaining to Euro defaults, job creation and US trade deficit amendments. There is still 3.5 hours to go before the market closes, so let's see how the quarter ends, because usually around this time, the investor managers are busy re-balancing their portfolio and juggling assets that it could drive the market in any direction. Oh, in another news, if you are a Bank of America (BoA) customer, then you should know that starting October 1, they would start charging $5 for use of debit card in certain states. So, if you are having dinner with your friend in one of the states they identify as "chargeable" and you swipe your debit card, then say goodbye to additional $5 also. They, would, however, not charge you for using ATM. Thank you for this mercy, Mr. CEO of BoA. And, my husband, a loyal BoA customer,  will have such an issue this. I know it.

So, to brighter stuff.

Trenchies. Yes, trenchies. As in Trench coats. And, why they are the brighter stuff? Because, they just brighten up an outfit, in a simple, elegant, classy kind of way. And, they make me cheery. You know, I feel there should be a season called "Trench Season" right before the Fall season, because in reality we do end up wearing trench coat more since its raining and sometimes chilly, but not bone chilling. You get my drift? So, how about if I declare this season as Trench Season. You with me? The weather has been so confusing, right? Its super hot and humid at 2pm, and then by 5pm, the temperatures have fallen a good 5-7 degrees. A Trench is perfect for such weirdness.

And, in my pursuit for investing in a nice Trench (trust me, darlings, Trench is an investment because it can see you through many many please save up to spend a few extra $$$$$$$$ on it), I came across a huge variety. It was just mind numbing. Then, what I did was, put them in categories, so it was easy for me to understand what I liked and what I wanted to buy. And, how can I keep this all to myself. I love you guys, and hence, here are my findings. Hope it allows you to look at Trenchies in a whole different light. A brighter light, that is.

The Trench CollectionThe Classic is your simple cut, double breasted beauty. It comes in tan, brown, black, navy blue, crimson and sometimes mustard color. Oh, and green too. The Classic is just that. Classy, and it will make you feel well put together and sassy at the same time. Here: Burberry London Poplin and Farfetch Double Breasted.

The Different is the rebel beauty. It is made of the same weather-prood material, but shocks you in its silhouette. Definitely a conversation starter, this type of Trench will always make you feel edgy and adventurous. Here: Preen Zoe Mia Mac Trench and Naf Naf Trench Marron

 The Printed is the ethereal beauty. It comes in a variety of prints, from animal ones to floral. These coats are sure to make cold wet days cheery and fun. And, mysterious. Is it a dress or a coat? So, they will say Here: Emmanuel Ungaro Animal Print, Erdem Printed, and Z Spoke by Zac Posen Floral Printed.

Which one is your favorite? Are you the classic, different or the printed kind?


Thursday, September 29, 2011

You Saw It Here

Givenchy panther glasses
Givenchy Panther sunglasses - colors: black, purple, blue and yellow

Remember, you saw it here. Yes, you did.


The Fun Shopping

Amazon is on a roll today. They announced the release of $199 tablet, which is supposed to be a tough competition for iPad and then they also announced the release of $99 Kindle, with touchscreen, which is a resemblance of Barnes & Noble Nook . Wowza! Ok, you may say that I have blinders on, but I believe that nothing can beat Apple. Drop the prices, spike up the gimmick, but nothing can replace an Apple product. I mean after all, everything in the end gets compared to this master creator. Right, right? And, the European crisis seems to be coming back or sorts, because the market panicked today and went south. If you are invested in the market,  just hold on a bit (like a week), because there's just so much volatility and lack of direction that rash decisions can be made. And, what's doing good right now: commodities. So, research them and pick what you like.

And, then there are baby clothes.

I have been talking all along about what I want, and what's hot and trendy out there in women's fashion, that I forgot to research and shop for my lovely son. So, I decided to share with you just what I have lined up to buy for him. Nothing fancy, but just some cute outfits to keep him warm, and fashionably cool! :)

Baby boy clothes

Do you have kids? If yes, where do you shop for them? Any outfit suggestions you would like to share? I am all eyes and  ears darlings!


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Lipstick and Blush; Oh, they give me a rush!

The American stock market (DJIA, S&P 500 and NASDAQ) rose third day in a row on the speculation that Europe will be able to resolve its debt crisis after all. As you may or may not know, that the Euro zone was is was is under deep threats of a default (ie, not being able to pay back their financial obligations), and the country in focus is Greece. Germany just made an announcement that they will do whatever it takes to avoid the bankruptcy of Greece, and is working to regain the confidence of investors so that they can fund the debt that is owed by Greece. Did you know, if the funding is not available on time, Greece will run out of money by mid-October? Well, hopefully, that never happens, and we all can ride the upswing in the market. Also, the whole world benefits from Europe's optimistic outlook and recovery, because after all we are talking global economy here. So, yeay, for investor confidence and yeay yeay market risings!

Which does not bring me to this.

I have been meaning to put together a Makeup Lookbook for fall for sometime now. But, then, my son, fashion research, and daily chores got in the way, and it kept falling back. Until, I did a post on dark lips. And then I decided that had to do something about the beauty lookbook, even if it meant me killing some of my precious zzzzz sleep hours.

 So, my darlings, here I am, sharing with you what I have been lusting for, so far. I personally believe that the fall season is just perfect to show off that deep gorgeous tones of browns and berries. The chilly weather paired with little or no sunlight can do wonders on your skin. Yes, you read that right. What it allows you to do is play around with bronzers to highlight that glow on your skin, sparkle your eyes with beautiful shades of brown and gold. With eyes being sparkled, you have to set the lips on fire, and you can do it with rich shades of berry, plum and coffee. Don't forget the nails! Holding a latte in your hand, you show off the deep brown nails on you fingers and act all model-esque. Oh, and bring it all together with a nice, but a bit strong, perfume. Don't take a bath in it, just spray it lightly on your pulse points, as these are the warmest points on the body. And, these points are:

  • Wrist
  • Behind the knee
  • Behind the ears
  • Nape of neck
Ta daaaa.....

Makeup Guide for Fall
So, tell me darlings, what's your beauty indulgence for fall? What's keeping you awake at night because you haven't bought that blush/lipstick/eye shadow yet? 


*** UPDATE:  I had promised you I would share with you how I rocked the whole "dark lips" it is! Hope you like it : )

Forever 21 "duck" printed top; MAC lipstick in Deep Brown Red with a dab of nude lipgloss from Estee Lauder

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sample Sale Tuesday: Wardrobe {mal}Function

Today is Google's 13th Birthday! Google is officially a teenager now :) Imagine all the ruckus it will create now that it has "come of age." Hehehe. But, seriously, a very very Happy Birthday to the company, and may they create many more simple-to-use, super fast and high storage web products.

Which does not bring me to today's sample sale focus: the perfect dress. A dress says a lot about the person's character. Ok, you could say, "But, Shivika, any piece of outfit could tell a lot about a person, so why pick just a dress." My scientific theory states that because a dress is a single item of clothing, there are only just so many ways ( ie, 1)  you can get it wrong or right. So, its pretty  much all you have to define a personality. If its too transparent or deep (low) cut cleavage enhancing, well, we know that you haven't had sex in a looong time and are trying to get some some. If its full sleeved, down to the ankle and comes with a turtleneck, then we know that you haven't had sex in a loooong time either.
See,  I told ya, I had a very good scientific simple theory.

Jokes aside, this is a Sample Sale, and  this is serious stuff. So, please act fffaasst before your fellow fashionrita (derived from senorita) beats you to it! Click and Go! Or should it be Go and Click? Either ways....chop chop!


    Magaschoni City Ruffled dress, Sale $149                         Zac Posen Double Faced crepe dress, Sale $449
    {sale ends 9/28 at 10pm}                                                         {sale ends 10/1 at 3pm}

Marni Peplum waist dress, Sale $499                            Dolce & Gabbana Sateen Jacquard dress, Sale $499
{sale end 10/1 at 3 pm}                                                        {sale end 10/1 at 3 pm}


Yves Saint Laurent Black Wool Dress Torn Multicolor Print Long Racerback Dress
YSL wool dress, $483                                                         Torn Racerback maxi, Sale $71
{sale ends 10/29 at 11 am}                                                  {sale ends 10/29 at 11 am}

Yves Saint Laurent Gold Strapless Dress Yves Saint Laurent Black Wool Dress
YSL gold strapless dress, Sale $310                               YSL wool sheat dress with details, Sale $479
{sale ends 10/29 at 11 am}                                                 {sale ends 10/29 at 11 am}


Laundry by Shelli Segal B/G Dress, Sale $80                  Laundry by Shelli Segal Neptune, Sale $80
{sale end 9/28 at 9pm}                                                           {sale end 9/28 at 9pm}

Laundry by Shelli Segal Sisal, Sale $100
{sale end 9/28 at 9pm}


TLH Yello Alro, Sale $40                                  TLH Jade Emma, Sale $45
{sale ends 9/28 at 4pm}                                      {sale ends 9/28 at 4pm}

Tadashi Pleated, Sale $130                                Raw Earth Sophia, Sale $50
{sale ends 9/28 at 4pm}                                     {sale ends 9/28 at 4pm}

Thea Midnight sequined, Sale $160               Betsey Johnson Lilac, Sale $130
{sale ends 9/28 at 4pm}                                     {sale ends 9/28 at 4pm}

I am sure you must have noticed one thing. Guess guess.
Well, if you scrunch your eyes real hard and focus, I have given you ample LBD choices above. See, I love you guys that much. :)

Hurry up, if you likey something then you buyey something!! Kapish!


Monday, September 26, 2011

What is inspiring me today: Blue Oxford Shirt

When I first saw the new J Crew lookbook, I saw inspiration. And, one thing that stood out for me was the use of blue oxford shirt. Pairing it with shiny formal pants/skirts was definitely odd at first, but then it grew on me. And, I thought, "Why not? Why could we not pair a plain boring shirt with sequins? Why could we not think outside the fashion box?"
So, here's my take on the inspiration. Hope you enjoy em'!  It was fun putting these together.

Style inspiration

John Patrick Raw Hem Oxford Shirt paired with:

1. Vince Sequines mini, Biba High Heel
2. Oasis Red Rome Trouser,  Forever 21 flats
3. Vila Bow Shorts Gull Grey, Promise Shoes in Lego
What is inspiring you today? Do share, darlings!


Sunday, September 25, 2011


I want to remember today. I just have to document it.

My son rolled around in the grass for the first time today, and what a beautiful spectacle that was. He was fighting with the blades of grass as if they were interrupting his crawling routine. As if they were being too clingy.

The day was rather hot and muggy, but that did not stop me and my husband to venture out to the city with our son and just hang like a regular "city" family. We took the Path train to 34th street Herald Square and then decided to walk to Bryant Park at 42nd Street.  I initially thought we would be going to Central Park, so when my husband suggested we walk, I protested (read. shaking my head a loud NO) because there was no way I would walk 20+ blocks in that mugginess and subject my son to it as well. But, then he reminded me that it was only 8 blocks, and that I had to stop being so dramatic. Oh, darlings, trust me, bad weather brings out the worst actor in me...I literally become your Drama Queen, if you know what I mean!

There were just so many people out on the streets today. Or so it seemed. Orrrrr, it had been a really really long time since the last time I leisurely walked the streets of NY with my husband, that I forgot what it really meant to walk up the NYC blocks. So, anyways, after dodging, like a million passersby, we finally reached Bryant Park, and sat next to the fountain. But, my son was so wired that he wanted to be set free on the floor. Ofcourse, I could not just leave him on the dirty concrete ground. So, Kartik and I walked towards the park, sat on the slightly moist grass, and released our babyroo. He took no more than two seconds to start exploring the new floor texture. He was pulling, tugging and fighting off the grass blades. And, yes, a few even reached his mouth. He was just soo happy,  and what's the word...umm, free. Yes, free. He super crawled toward a group of young girls and tried to go for their purse hanging on the chair. Kartik ran quickly to lift him back to us. The young girls smiled and waved at my handsome hunk, and I am not referring to Kartik here :)

We sat around for thirty minutes, and the increase in mosquito activity was our signal to get going. We packed up and tried to place our son in the stroller, which was very difficult because as you know our son had found out what it meant to be "free." So, then Kartik put him in a baby carrier instead and we walked to 42nd street. The lights and music and miscellaneous street fair at Times Square proved to be very entertaining for our son. His neck went from left to right to left to up to down. I am sure he was trying to take it all in, and try to decipher, what really was going on. I am sure he wondered why he didn't get this much amount of "light" in his house. Oh, small bulbs!

Then our final pit stop was the Toys"R"Us store in Times Square and although our son is too young to understand the concept of a jumbo giant wheel, we showed him (read, repeated pointing in that direction) nonetheless. He was instead focused on another baby who was crying his heart out. We then decided to take him to see the dinosaur (yes, yes, call us silly eager parents) on the second floor. You know, the T-Rex.  When we got there, we again pointed to the dinosaur, which was roaring and growling at that point. He looked at the dinosaur, and then at me, and then just dozed off. Tilting his head against my husband's chest as he remained suspended in the baby carrier. It was the most adorable sight ever. The plushy cute toys strewn around the endless aisles of the store had nothing on my son.

So, as I said before. I want to remember today. I just have to document it.

My husband and son by the Bryant Park fountain


Home Yin and Fashion Yang

Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Makeup on an Outfit

I am very particular about my coats. To me, they are the make up on my outfits. They are the masks. They tell a story about what's hiding beneath. If the mask screams "wow", the face clothes wouldn't disappoint either! Or, umm, maybe they would if the coat is just uber fabulous. Well, in that case, I won't take it off and  let the compliments flow in!

Lately, I have been getting attracted to beigy-whitish coats. They are so pure, elegant, and classy. They are perfect during cold winter days, when you  are walking down the street with the nose red from the chilly air, the scarf layered around the neck providing ample warms and the mouth blowing visible air mist as you take each step. The crispiness in the air will bounce perfectly off these light colored coats giving you just the right amount of winter glow.

So yeah, have been digging these light colored coats below. And, they represent such diversity in styles that they will never be boring!!  Some' some' for moi - the stylish mama!

What have you been thinking about wearing for the winter? What coat style/color has been giving you sleepless night?



So, I do these weekly posts on Weekend Warrior, and you may ask, "Shivika, but, what do you mean by Weekend Warrior?" or "What does Weekend Warrior represent to you" or perhaps "How do you choose the pictures to represent Weekend Warrior?"

First, wow! I have never used the term Weekend Warrior so many times in one breath sentence. That's a lot of dubya dubya's  to handle! **snicker**snort**snort**

Second, to answer your questions, all I would say is that WW to me represents freedom. Freedom from fashion rules of elegance and sophistication. Freedom from the box thinking. Freedom from the mundane. Although I did do a WW post with JCrew's fall look, which you could call pretty normal, to me that was not boring or mundane. And, that's because of  big, bold, bad-ass colors that the outfits were smeared painted created in. And, the hidden message I like to take myself and give out through the WW post is that don't let the casualness of a weekend get in your way of being that glamour, uber stylish, fashionable queen/king that you are. If anything, use the extra hours on hand to push your limits and experiment. Be it with clothes, make up or simply your life! So, yeah, that's pretty much my thinking process behind doing the WW post and selecting the pictures that go along with it.

Now I point the gun at turn to you. What does a weekend warrior mean to you? How would you represent a WW? Let me know, because I am a curious bunny and I just need to know everything! :) Hahhaha

And, oh, here's this week's Warrior..behold my brethren!

{notice the dark lips!}


{image courtesy: Sarah Kaye}

Friday, September 23, 2011

Whats' inspiring me today: Dark lips

With it raining outside, I think a perfect excuse to play a little dress up indoors is by painting my lips a dark shade of red, purple or brown. And, voila! Instant hotness! Although I will not look anything like the models below, but, what the heck, they are a source of my glamorous inspiration! I will share my photo in the next post - promise!

After a few seasons of nude lips and makeup, I am glad the bold dark lips are making a comeback! Woo woo! {see, how little crazy silly things make me happy!!}


Love the cool polka dots eyeliner -- such a cute idea and its definitely not OTT!! Yeayy for new beauty find!

What beauty trend inspires you today?


{Photographs courtesy: MorganNorman and Sarah Kaye}

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

OMG WTF....With Love

The weather was a bit off today. There was no sun. Absolutely no sun, and the whole day looked dreary and dark. It seemed as if it was very cold outside. But, the weird thing, it wasn't. It was rather warm and stuffy. So much, that I had to turn on the AC because my babyroo was sweating bad. But, then when the AC was on for too long, it got cold and he would sneeze.  So, you see, totally off ! It wasn't what it looked like outside!

So, this OMG WTF was kinda sorta inspired by the off weather today. Again, darlings, I am still looking to find my style/design ethics with this series, so please forgive me if this makes you very cold....or warm and stuffy! Cheerio

OMG WTF series

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sample Sale Tuesday: The Watchery

I don't like the use of the word "penis". Its' not funny. Sorry, its just not. I mean I would laugh like a horse on a suggested reference instead. You know, something like, banana (always cracks me up), baloney, eel, eggplant (yikes...hahahhaha), schlong or even apparatus!! But not penis!

So, I don't know what's up with sitcom writers these days that every new show or new season that's launching this time around is using the p-word. Case in point, these shows below had a dialogue or two, with the word penis in it. And, that was supposed to be funny or dramatic. Somebody pass me the gin and tylenol!
 - Broke Girls
 - New Girl
 - Two and a Half men
 - Playboy Club


Is there something wrong with me? Do you agree with my issue or not?

Well, so that was my rant.  Phew! Had to get that out because it has been on my mind since last night.

Ok, so this week, I am bringing to you the watch edition of the Sample sale. I tell you, nothing says men like a good penis watch!  And, its the perfect accessory to help you get that "menswear" inspired look!

NEW:  I have added the closing date for each sale. Helpful! Why didn't I think of this before?


Suunto Core Alu Alu Watch, Sale $299                          Lucien Piccard Westport Steel Watch, Sale $88
{sale ends on 9/21 at 11pm}                                               {sale ends 9/21 11pm}


SWISS LEGEND Women's Black High Tech Ceramic Yellow Gold Tone Accent SWISS LEGEND Men's Crusader Rose Dial Dark Brown Alligator
Swiss Legend Yellow Gold Tone, Sale $199             Swiss Legend Crusader, Sale $88
{sale ends on 9/21 at 11pm}                                            {sale ends on 9/21 at 11pm}

Rotary Men's Two Tone Stainless Steel Seiko Men's Automatic Stainless Steel with White Dial
Rotary Two Tone, Sale $60                                                Seiko Automatic, Sale $55
{sale ends on 9/22 at 11pm}                                               {sale ends on 9/22 at 11pm}

Adidas Cambridge White Textured Dial White Shiny Polyurethane Obaku Women's Blossom White Dial Black Leather
Adidas Cambridge, Sale $43                                                Obaku Blossom, Sale $40
{sale ends on 9/22 at 11pm}                                                 {sale ends on 9/22 at 11pm}


Kenneth Cole Stainless Steel, Sale $50                                  Kenneth Cole Rubber Watch, Sale $56
{sale ends on 9/21 at 11am}                                                   {sale ends on 9/21 at 11am}

Kenneth Cole Ceramic, Sale $76                                           Kenneth Cole Leather, Sale $36
{sale ends on 9/21 at 11am}                                                  {sale ends on 9/21 at 11am}


Stuhrling Falcon, Sale $150                                            Seiko Chrono, Sale $110
{sale ends on 9/21 at 3 am}                                           {sale ends on 9/21 at 3 am}

Swatch Irony, Sale $170                                               GlamRock Miami Beach, Sale $166
{sale ends on 9/21 at 3 am}                                          {sale ends on 9/21 at 3 am}

Thaaaat's all ya folks! Don't ever let your wrist hang around all alone! Add some fun things, like, watches! The more the merrier! See what I mean?