Thursday, August 25, 2011

Zen from a tube of black head removing face wash

As I was taking a shower and rubbing.....hold it!! No, its not R-rated description nor is it a Hitchcockian type of scene setting. Trust me, I am original :)  And by the end of it all you will be enlightened as I was.
So as I was saying... I was rubbing soap on my face, my eyes were shut and my mind was racing with multiple thoughts of varying nature. While I scrubbed my left cheek: What should I cook for dinner today? Did the market really jump 200 points? What was that girl in the grocery store wearing...shouldn't it be banned? While I scrubbed my chin: I really would like to attend U2 concert. Arrgh, this silly soap is getting into my eyes. Shouldn't they make tear free cleansers for adult? Oooh, I need to get me that Kiehl's papaya scrub.  While I scrubbed my forehead: I need to get a pedicure. I wonder why no one is reading my blog...what am I not doing right? Was that a shadow I just saw through the shower curtain? OMG!!

And, then as the water pouring from the shower cleaned the soap and rewarded my face with the my scrubbing benefits, my eyes just sorta' kinda' ended up on the tube of the face wash I was using, and these 3 words jumped at me like a goon pouncing on its innocent victim. CLARIFY and CLEANSE DAILY. I will repeat. CLARIFY and CLEANSE DAILY {ofcourse I am omitting the scrub part that's associated to daily, but that's not important}.

Like a gusto of wind hitting me hard, I realized the importance of these words, and it is so so true. We need to clarify our minds and clean our feelings daily. Doesn't matter what someone said to us or what we said to them or for that matter that the girl at the grocery store wore such a sexy outfit that it made you jealous and doubt yourself. We all need to clarify and cleanse.

Who knew my zen inspiration would come from a tube of black head removing face wash!

Told ya' I am original! Gah!


ps. to my lovelies in the east coast, hope you are all well prepared for Hurricane Irene. She's a b@@#% I am telling ya!

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