Thursday, August 4, 2011

Smart Therapy for Home

When my husband came home from work yesterday, he dropped the keys on the console table and then placed something on the dining table, which is right across from the console table.  He looked at me with his tired eyes (hectic day at work) and then flashed a huge smile and said, "Oh, home feels so good."
He went to the play area and sweeped up our son, who was busy speculating whether he should touch the fan or not (with me screaming 'No!No!' periodically) and hugged him and started to play with him. I was cleaning up the kitchen as I had finished cooking, and was ready to place dinner on the dining table. Not knowing what exactly it was and irritated by seeing a foreign object on the table, I was ready to tell hubby to not put anything on the dining table around dinner time, when my eyes fell on the cover of IKEA. And the phrase on the cover  changed my mood completely because it was exactly what I had in mind to share with you lovely people. It read "A home does not need to be big, just smart." A huge smile now flashed across my face.

Actually, what gave me the idea to research this was a segment I saw on TV where they featured an apartment in NY which is only 90 sq. ft. And, an actual human being lives there. I am sure she (its' a woman) steps in with the right foot and steps out with the left foot. 90 sq. ft.!! Jokes aside, she had really maximized the space such that she could eat, sleep and work in there. Freakin' genius, I say!

So, being inspired by the mini living spaces, I share with you these awesome homes that are less than 600 sq. ft.! Yikes ! Each of them feature a unique style and smart organization. We can take away so many cool pointers from them. Am excited about this as well...let's tour together: Courtesy: Apartment Therapy

350 Square Feet Studio Apartment, Financial District, NY

Paulcoco20_rect640  Paulcoco21_rect640
The entry way
Paulcoco01_rect640  Paulcoco03_rect640
The living room/bedroom

Paulcoco05_rect640  Paulcoco07_rect640
The living room space
Paulcoco12_rect640  Paulcoco17_rect640
Kithcen and Dining

280 Square Foot Apartment, NY (no, darlings, the 280 is not a typo)

032211christour01_rect640  032211christour03_rect640
The entry way                                                 The living room

  032211christour12_rect640  032211christour05_rect640
Living room's adjacent to the bedroom             The space between living room and bedroom

032211christour14_rect640  032211christour20_rect640
The bedroom                                                  Work space right next to the bed (all in 250 sq ft)

032211christour06_rect640  032211christour10_rect640
Kitchen                                                                       Shelves in Bathroom (adorable accessories!)

500 Square Feet Apartment, Upper West Side, NY

7-7-maddie-6_rect640  7-7-maddie-15_rect640
The living room (the entry door opens right into it) - how charming is the decor

They were able to squeeze in a dining table right behind the sofa! Genius!

7-7-maddie-5_rect640  7-7-maddie-12_rect640
Ideas for use of space around the living room and the staircase

7-7-maddie-13_rect640  7-7-maddie-4_rect640
The Kitchen area, which shares space with the living area

7-7-maddie-17_rect640  7-7-maddie-19_rect640
Bedroom and the work station corner

7-7-maddie-22_rect640  7-7-maddie-20_rect640
Strategic space usage in the bedroom, and decorating ideas (btw, the couple who rents this place have a dog and a cat in this tiny apartment)

7-7-maddie-9_rect640  7-7-maddie-10_rect640
Bathroom details

So you see, a home does not need to be big, just smart!!


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