Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sample Sale Tuesday: Home Sweet Home...Stuff!

When I was a little girl, I shared a room with my sister. Our house wasn't that big, and we rented it. My grandfather also lived with us, and he slept in the living room. He had a futon in there. Although my mom kept the house pristine and super clean, I always had ideas of how I could make it better. But, my voice had no importance (at that age) and was limited to my own lil' cubby room. So, my sister and I took turns doing our version of "decoration" by placing flowers we plucked from the park on the way back from school on our headboard, or  hiding the toys under our mom's colorful scarves. We dreamt of having our own home, and oh, yeah, we had ideas, people!

Then when I got married and finally had a place of my own, I was over the moon but also nervous. Will I do a good job? Will my husband appreciate my penchant for placing little knick-knacks I have collected on the window sill? Heck, where do I even begin? The odd love affair I had with paint, furniture and show pieces continued, and continues to govern my life to some extent. I just love love love finding the perfect souvenir when I travel to a new country or a new state/town, and can't help but squeal with excitement (much to the embarrassment of my lovely husband) when  I add it to my collection. Also, when I travel, I shop for paintings and artifacts, not clothes (coz I am a NYorker and pride myself in finding great designer deals here). Case in point: when I went to Europe a couple of years back, I got me some (like 10) paintings...much to the embarrassment of my lovely husband.

Which brings me to this week's installment of Sample Sale. A lil' something something for our lovely abode. Since we breathe and live in it, it just has to be beautified. Don't you agree? So, let's enjoy the finds.


Payne Street Tortoise Shell Vase, Sale $245     Payne Street Black Torch Lamp, Sale $199
{looks way more expensive}

Blue Ocean Trader set of 8 ceramic jars, Sale $92   Jamie Young small bamboo mirror, Sale $200
{very whimsical and perfect to stash away "stuff" - can be placed in different places throughout the house}

Casafina Meridian soup tureen, Sale $98               Casafina Medeira serving platter, Sale $36
{its fun to mix and match table ware}


Orrefors Crystal Eye Black Crystal Tone Vase Orrefors Clear Beyond Dish Square
Orrefors black crystal tone vase, Sale $381   Orrefors square dish, Sale $287

Orrefors Intermezzo Black Brandy Snifters Set/2 Orrefors Bracelet Clear Crystal Low Bowl
Orrefors Intermezzo brandy sniffers (2), Sale $70      Orrefors Bracelet crystal bowl, Sale $70
{each item is so exquisite...very elegant}


Bellino Millerigeh sheet set, Sale $180                 Surya set of 2 pillows, Sale $30

Blueprint Artwork "Blue Butterfly", Sale $30           Blueprint Artwork "The Recitation", Sale $120

Waterford "Lismore" Chandelier, Sale $2,800    Waterford "Kilbarry" 22 pc set, Sale $350
{hang this divine chandelier in your foyer and watch the magic unfold}


Linon Eiffer Tower cabinet, Sale $165   Linon Antique flag coffee table, Sale $125

Linon Zanzibar set of 3 trunks, sale $245              Cole & Mason tap gift set, Sale $17
{these trunks are awesome accent pieces}

Thaaaaat's all ya folks!  Home is sweet, and you can make it even sweeter by adding a splash of color or accent or lighting here and there!

And as always, act quick, its a Sample Sale for heaven's sake!


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