Tuesday, August 9, 2011


 Today I sprained my neck, and it hurts real bad. And, no I am not making this excuse to not share with you my sample sale finds! It happened rather quickly and unknowingly. My son had woken up from sleep (nothing new) and so I had to pick him up, soothe him and put him down to sleep. I remember contorting my body in a weird angle(s) to do because he was lying on the wrong side of my convenient hand. But because his screams were inching closer to 10000 decibels, I had to be quick. And, so I contorted and lifted him up, patted him, contorted again and put him down to sleep. Fast forward 40 minutes and I am feeling kinda' weird in my neck as I am preparing tea for myself. It couldn't be because of my bad position while sitting with the laptop on the couch coz' I have mastered that position a long time ago, I thought to myself. And, then like lightning, zaappp zzzrrr, the enlightenment happened and I realized that it was my silly gymnastic moves that had caused the sprain and now, I am sitting here, typing away with Zandu Balm (this shit is the balm bomb!) rubbed all over my neck and my Aeropostale T-Shirt wrapped around my neck. Call me crazy, but the stuff's slowly working and the pain is real bad...less!

So what does a sprained neck, a wrapped T-Shirt around neck and internet have in common....its ME, silly! And, the Me, will use the internet to share with you today's installment of Sample Sale...focusing on lusty dresses/skirts/tops/gowns which will take you from a lonely day/night in your apartment/house/hostel to the ever fab gorgeous lady walking down the street/strutting her stuff on the dance floor. Let's Tango!!

Oh, before we gyrate, please note that although I am super tempted to share Fall choices with you, I am still sticking to some non-fall pieces. But, here's my suggestion, you know you can rock these beauties with some boots and layered sweater for fall...don't you?? Voila, instant Fall...but do watch out for my post on Fall coming up soon (shameless PR - gah!)


Lauren Moffatt striped denim dress, Sale $169        Lauren Moffatt jacquard dress, Sale $179
{so you see, you can make them Fall worthy very easily}

Alexander McQueen silk bustier gown, Sale $1,499  Pleasure Doing Business 4 band knit skirt, Sale $69
{this gown is talking to me...its saying "own me, you style creep, own me!"}

T-Bags one shoulder ruffle dress, Sale $99            Catherine Malandrino linen front pleated pants, Sale $119

Thread Social silk coral lace tee, Sale $169           Lauren Moffatt silk solid snap blouse, Sale 119


Fendi Grey Pleated Back Blouse  Fendi Coral Woven A-Line Skirt
Fendi grey pleated blouse, Sale $151               Fendi coral woven A-line skirt, Sale $144

Yves Saint Laurent Blue Jacket Yves Saint Laurent Taupe Raw Silk Pants
Yves Saint Laurent blue jacket, Sale $273          Yves Saint Laurent taupe silk pants, Sale $168
{tricked ya! you can wear men's blazer}                      {tricked ya... not! did...not..did! go figure our for yourself}

Emilio Pucci Navy Silk Skirt Emilio Pucci Black Fitted Trousers
Emilio Pucci navy silk skirt, Sale $318             Emilio Pucci black fitted trousers, Sale $339


Diane von Furstenberg cropped jacket, Sale $70  MICHAEL Michael Kors cowl neck dress, Sale $50

MICHAEL Michael Kors Azure dress, Sale $40    Tibi Chartreuse & Black Pleated front dress, Sale $90
Calvin Klein grey belted dress, Sale $30                        Calvin Klein black denim zip, Sale $40 {swoon}

McQ by Alexander McQueen peplum top, Sale $80      McQ emerald pleat collar top, Sale $60

Theory geometric print skirt, Sale $90         D&G graphic tank, Sale $50


BB Dakota Matilda top, Sale $19           Single yellow ruffle pleated top dress, Sale $49

Coupe Floral sleeveless dress, Sale $25  Vivienne Vivienne Tam black Ribbon blouse, Sale $42

Lumiere beige lurex stripe tunic, Sale $34  Single navy pleated dress, Sale $89 {very Roland Mouret-ish}

So, what are you waiting for? Hurry hurry, these are sample sale items, they go fast!
Oh, and I know you are also still confused about what I meant when I wrote that I  had an Aeropostale t-shirt wrapped around my sprained neck. So, I thought a picture would give you an idea....quell your curiosity and just see


See ya' lovelies tomorrow...or tonight if my neck is still bad and I am resigned to bed doing nothing! Wait, that can't happen...coz I have a seven month old and a house to take care of!



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