Monday, August 1, 2011


I look at his face, and the world seems such a happy place to be in.

Almost 7 months ago, he arrived in our arms, and in our lives with his loud scream, big beautiful eyes and tiny hands and feet. I was waiting to meet him, and when he was placed in my arms, I just couldn't believe he was actually here. My baby, my life, my soul, my son. I could finally check off "mother" from my to-do list :)

Today I saw him trying to crawl, and I couldn't help but head back to the days when he was all swaddled and  bundled up, and would stay in the position and place we left him in. Not anymore. My babyroo is growing up.  I am very proud of him and love him oodles. But, it only reminds me that life is running fast to the beat of the clock - tick tock tickity tock. I just want to freeze some moments in life and hold onto them for a little while longer, hold onto their essence for a little while longer.

But, I hear the smooth rhythm of the clock ticking in the background.

Here's my cuddle bunny giving us his awesome camera looks :)

So, what do you reminisce about? What makes you realize that time actually does fly?


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