Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Lookie a candle junkie

Look, what Santa UPS got me? I recently bought them from And, they are my obsession.

I wasn't always a fan of candles and kitschy stuff like diffusers and all. But, I remember clearly the day when it all changed.

I was a sophomore in college. I was studying full time and working full time. And one my co-workers, who also happened to be a dear friend of mine, used to make these shopping excursions on Friday with me...the day we got our paycheck. We used to stalk Club Monaco religiously, we raided Urban Outfitters like nobody's business and came out with some winning pieces and we pranced around the shops on Canal Street before we got exhausted and took a much needed gastro-break at McD.  And, then one day we broke the ritual and headed to the Flat Iron District. She took me to a shop that appeared to have no electricity right on fifth avenue and 20th street (I think) . That's weird....why don't I see a Club Monaco sign anywhere, I thought to myself. And when we entered, I was struck by the contrast of dark and light. Of shadows and flames. Of  dreams and candles. Say hello to Illuminations, my friend whispered from behind.

Illuminations, now a defunct store/business, was the one stop shop for fragrant, organic, sculptured and simply beautiful candles. The day I entered that store for the first time is the day I fell in love with candles. I realized (thaaat late) the effect a perfect candle with a perfect aromatic flavor can have on one's senses...on one's life. And, that's the day I spent $100 on just candles. Its' another story that my mom was super mad at me (ya ya I lived at home with my parents when in college...go ahead shoot me!) for being soo frivolous with money. Oh, well, I had found my new favorite other than books and shoes and bags.

Life was pretty smooth once I discovered candles, and I quickly started creating a collection for myself (I even enticed my sister into joining me, and she was on board in a jiffy) . Now, I wasn't going to store these beauties and let them collect dust. Quite the contrary, I placed them in every corner of my room and my bathroom and enjoyed the fragrance and the dancing shadows they casted on the walls.

The habit is there...even today, as you can tell by the lookie-lookie above. I just love them. And, over the course of all these years, I have discovered some brands that I truly truly love and enjoy their unique fragrance combination. I mean I do pick-up a candle from Banana R or J.Crew now and then, but I keep coming back to these two. And, I am very picky about when I use them!!

Candles I love

Check them out at DaynaDecker and Voluspa. And, hey, if I have not converted you to a candle kitschy lover, then well, call me or email me because I will.


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