Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hot and Hungry - not your average food post



---------------- ^^^^ &&&& |||||||||||| ------------------ tra la la la la

----------------- gooooobbeer goobbeer

Still with me? Sorry, just playing with you!

The other day it was really hot outside, and I was very hungry, inside. Doesn't make sense? Well then, keep reading honey bunches (of oats). After watching Non Stop Foodies on NY Non Stop channel (sorry folks, I don't believe and don't have cable. In this day and age, I would be a fool to curl up in front of nonsense TV) my appetite was going bonkers, and I needed a quick fix which was light, fresh and ofcourse, yummy to calm it down. Yes, it had to be super duper yummy because my palate would sue me otherwise! But here's the killer part: I was running low on groceries and just had the basics: few loaves of bread, butter, some berries and banana. I wanted to make something yummy (did I mention that already??mmm mm??), and wasn't in the mood to whip up the usual safe know toasted bread with butter.

As I was rummaging through the fridge (again) in the hopes of finding some leftover hidden in the corner nook of the bottom shelf, my eyes fell on a small tub of plain yogurt. Aha! my mind jumped at the possibilities and I screamed as if I was stranded on an island and had found a coconut! Good thing, my son was sleeping otherwise it would have been hard for me to concoct something..what with the grrrrowl of my empty stomach competing with the aiiiiiiiiiii of my son's cries. You get the smell dirft.

Holding the tub of yogurt in one hand, I scratched my cheek with another. Yup, when I am thinking, I scratch my cheek. The one on my face.

Within seconds I knew what I could make, and here's what I created:

Cereal and Berry Faux Parfait

Why Faux? Because its not the really real thing (lame), more like the cousin of father's aunt's daughter's brother in law!

To make one medium bowl of faux parfait, you will need: 
Any plain yogurt, around 3.5 tbsp
A handful of cheerios
A handful of raisin bran (if you have otherwise oatmeal would do to)
A handful of any berries (blueberry or blackberry or raspberry or strawberry)
A handful of sunshine

Step 1: Put the yogurt in the bowl and then put the cheerios, raisin bran and berries on it and mix.
Stept 2: Put the faux parfait in your mouth and enjoy the sweet crunchy and a bit tangy (from the berries) treat!

Pat on the back Shivika (toot toot -- that's me tooting my awesome horn)! 

Hunger was conquered. But, it still remained very hot outside.

Do you have any faux recipes you would like to share with me? Aah, it will be like our very own secret club of faux-ness! :)


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