Wednesday, August 3, 2011

HIGHLIGHT: Roger Vivier

Sex and the City would be nothing without Carrie Bradshaw (maybe Samantha would have helped, but we don't aspire to be her, or do we??), and Carrie Bradshaw would be nothing without Roger Vivier. Why? You may ask. Its a fair question, and I would give you brownie for that. You see, Roger Vivier was the inventor of stiletto heels and master chef of shoes (if that makes sense). Well, the heels did exist before, but Roger made them stilettos by inserting  a thin rod of steel, and giving support for women to walk in them.

Now you know - if Roger Vivier did not take his passion for woman shoes to the next level, then we would not be wearing skin tight jeans, with a leopard printed vest and strutting our sweet behinds on the fancy streets of fashionable New York. We would not be glamour goddesses that we are now. And, oh, did you also know that he was one of the very first shoe designers to play around with silk, pearls, applique, beads, and jewels on shoes. You probably knew that already.

His creations were more like sculptures, and he envisioned his woman customers to be these bold sassy ladies  becoming art pieces when wearing his beautifully crafted jeweled shoes. He designed shoes for Christian Dior from 1953-1963, and continued to experiment with other shapes of heels, including the shape called "comma."   You will know what I mean in a moment.

So, let's take a moment and thank Roger Vivier for giving us weapons of sexiness. Thank you Roger...thank you. May your soul rest in peace.

And now, ofcourse, the fashion house of Roger Vivier does more than shoes.  The house is famous for its signature "buckle" which can be found on their shoes, handbags, sunglasses and jewelry. Bruno Fisoni, the creative director at the helm of Roger Vivier since 2002, continues to deliver the magic that we all ladies dream of, continues to create the glass slipper that will transform us into a princess. If only for one day or one night or maybe half a day/night. Anything will do!!

Having a shoe hangover from the Sample Sale yesterday, I will share with you the designer's pedi masterpieces. And, you can scream any profanity as you look at them, for I surely did. In a good way, ofcourse.

The Signature Buckle


Early works for Christian Dior, c. 1950's

The 'Comma' you see it now?

Holy Mother of High Heels!!

The Spine Shoe (geniiusss!!)                                                Killer one of a kind Vivier
These can make a woman verry fertile...perfect for mating (season)!

I conclude, lovely people, that there is a God out there who believes in making us very happy, and that God happens to make some really aahamazing shoes...did you read what I just wrote or are your eyes still stuck on the images above. Well, guess what?? Mine are too that's why I am not sure what I blabbed and if it made any sense. With shoes like these, who cares about making sense??


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