Monday, August 22, 2011

Falling Again for Fall

Ti's raining, as if it has never rained before. The heat in the air is being nudged to move out and be replaced by  a crispiness that so defines and marks the arrival of Fall. I used to believe that Summer was my favorite season. I mean, it had to, right, because I grew up in Delhi, India and the summers there were celebrated with lots of sweet tropical fruits, yummy icy drinks, excuses to go swimming (there are no beaches there, so went to a private health club) and summer holidays with cousins and friends. What's not to love, eh? And, the ritual sorta' continued when we moved here. I really had no complaints. The temperature hit 100 degrees, and I went, so, what? Its summer, and that's how hot its supposed to be, so stop whining about how hot it is, duh!

Ok, and then something somewhere changed my perception and my belief. No longer did the glazing shimmering sun enticed me. No longer did the allure of beach make me cry tears of joy. No longer did the summer dresses defined my style. Because, I discovered and fell in love with Fall.

The chill in the air, the hot cuppa' Joe in hand, the shaded glory of leaves all around made for a very happy me. And, not to forget a million opportunities that it provided for me to drown myself in layers of clothes, without raising any unfashionable eyebrows. Oh, I had found my favorite season after all.

So, now that we are almost knocking on Fall's door, why not be prepared to look the part when it opens it for us and welcomes us in. I put together some outfits, which I think represent what Fall should be all about...COLOR, COLOR, and MORE COLOR! Don't let short days take away the glamour that can be had with adding color to our wardrobe. Its just sexy, stylish, and elegant (yes, you heard/read that right).

Hope you like what I have to offer here, and if you have any suggestions, please put your typing skills to good use and send me an email already! :)

Fall 2011 OutfitsOutfit 1: DorothyPerkins Trench, Tillys Lace Back Woman Top, Jonathan Saunders Brooke pencil skirt, Zara Bag, Asos Cuff, old Navy earrings and Debenhams Flats
Outfit 2: Patagonia Sweater vest, DorothyPerkins Top, Miss Selfridge Turquoise Jeans, Crown Vintage Oxford, Zara Messenger Bag, Papaya Bangels and Marc by Marc Jacobs earrings
In Outfit No. 1,  I tried to create an element of surprise and wow in formal wear! The patterns are ofcourse being mixed, but its the peeling away of layers of color and finding more color underneath that is making me giddy with excited. So unexpected. And, to balance the look without making it overtly clowny, I added muted/nude accessories.      
In Outfit No. 2, I created a more casual look using color explosion from top to bottom. Again, I kept the accessories muted (except the bracelets) and fun/quirky to go with the essence of the whole outfit. And, I love love the oxfords here...they are such a delight!

fall fashion
Outfit 3Warehouse Safari Jacket, Witchery rouched top, Mango trousers, Windsor crocodile clutch, Zara Peep-toe, Urban Outfitters watch, DorothyPerkins Jade ring, Vince Camuto studs
Outfit 4Jesery T by Alexander Wang, Asos leather and canvas belt, VeroModa wrap skirt, Lipsy Faux Fur coat, Modcloth Cupcake shoulder bag, Oasis wooden bangles, Miss Selffridge leaf drops, Zara flats
In Outfit No. 3,  I tried to keep it sophisticated with a pop of color via the top and the ring! And, I deliberately stayed away from a black jacket so as to not run into the trouble of being predictable.
In Outfit No. 4, I am again working towards a casual yet chic charm. The colors are exploding in bits and pieces via blocking and am loving loving the shoes by Zara! So, yummy! The accessories bring a crispiness to the whole outfit. Fun fun!


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