Thursday, August 18, 2011

Draw(er) a dream

Something about this room is enticing me. Could it be the chandelier, the carved room divider or the bright colors of the chair's legs? I want to curl up in that bed, like now.

And continuing on home aesthetics, I am just loving these drawers below. Aren't they just dreamy? If I happen to own any one of them, I think I would not store anything in it for the risk of ruining its allure. Imagine taking out socks and underwear from these beauties. Holy my! On second thought, maybe it won't be such a bad idea. Maybe my mismatched socks and granny-like panties will look boudoir items!!


                                                                                   love everything about this cute lil' nook!

It has tassels for knobs! Tassels!

oh, my heart aches for these!

So lovely kuchiroos, dreams can be made of utopian drawers. If you get what I am trying to say. If not, don't worry. I didn't either.


{via Brabourne Farm}

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