Sunday, August 14, 2011

8 Simple Ways to Raise a Happy Baby...ok make that 1,000,000!

I recently got an email from that went like "8 Simple Steps to Raise a Happy Baby."  I was overjoyed and was about to click on it because, why yes, I need want to raise a happy baby. But then, I just stopped. Stopped because it hit me as to what I was doing...what I was thinking.  Agreed, I want my son to be a happy baby and I need some tips to help me raise him as such, but could my role as a surmised in 8 steps? 8 Simple steps!? Is 8 even the right number? Does simple even exist when it comes to babies? What about 9 or, hey, even 5steps? I clicked on the link anyways, and the knowledge did help, but this nagging thought of condensing my love, my attention in a set of number of ways kept my mind in a spin. I mean, there are so many books and articles that give us information on how to achieve something in some hypothetical easy-peasy steps/ways. What they lack in telling us that we need to add our own salt and pepper, if you will, to make them work for us.
So, where I am heading with all these blah..blaah..blaah words and thoughts. I am not sure myself, but this much I know, my son will be a happy baby and I will raise him to be one...but in a million different ways not just 8!


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